Furniture in Denmark

Learning about furniture design in the Furniture Design Studio Course at DIS Copenhagen gives me such a direct connection with the environment around me.

In Minneapolis there are a few stores that sell ‘high end’ furniture, but I’ve felt a disconnect when visiting them because I didn’t know much at all about the history of modern furniture. Now that I’ve been living in Copenhagen for almost two weeks, I’m really starting to comprehend how deep the culture of design in Denmark runs.

It’s kind of funny, too – I’ve been learning about important and influential designers in my lectures, and to see the objects we study out in the city brings a sense of immediacy to the program. It totally contrasts what I’m used to, as in I’ve seen so many Wagner and Jacobsen chairs in offices or public places, and the fact that good design is so casual here is something I love.

A few days ago we went on a trip to Lillerød to see the corporate offices of Fritz Hansen, and the manufacturing facilities of PP Møbler. It was an amazing experience to see many of the chairs I’ve been learning about all in one place, and to see how they are produced was so interesting, too.

We also got to see a chair that was made for the Queen of Denmark’s dinner guests!

We’re just starting to work on designing our own chairs, and I made a model of mine. The class has been spending a lot of time in the studio drawing and refining our ideas, which will probably take a few days to have a final design ready to work with.

We’re leaving for our Study Tour to Sweden and Finland early Monday morning, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of photos of the things we see when I get back. Until next time!

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