From Game of Thrones to The Little Mermaid

Hej! In Danish, this means hello! My name is Ee Jay Loo and I am from Malaysia. I am a student from Vancouver, Canada. I am currently taking my Master of Architecture at the University of British Columbia.

Coming to DIS is a great opportunity for me. The classes here offer Study Tours, meaning students can travel and learn outside København with the guide of an instructor. Furthermore, you are gaining insights and expertise from the instructor. I can earn home school credits while studying at DIS. I am taking urban design studio. The course’s duration is about 2 months, under Session 4. My choice of Study Tour is to Sweden and Finland. And the trip is happening next week, can’t wait!

Before my arrival in København, I was traveling in Croatia for about a week. I explored different historical towns, such as, Dubrovnik, Split, and Zadar. My favourite is in Dubrovnik, where one can see breathtaking views along Old City wall. This is also the site where Game of Thrones is filmed. The weather in Croatia is quite similar to the weather in Malaysia, which is warm and humid. I can’t escape myself from the excessive sweat, but it is a good experience!

View of Old Town from City Wall of Dubrovnik

When I arrived in København, the weather is a mix of rain, windchill, and sunny. In other words, you can experience all four seasons in a day and I find it unique. I was amazed by the transportation efficiency in Denmark. The people here use local transportation heavily, such as train, buses, and bicycles. It is surprising to see tons of bicycles parked around the public space of København. It shows that majority of people in København commute to work by bicycle.

People park their bicycles at Gammeltorv (Old Market)

In my first week, I learn that Pølsevogn is a Danish word, literally meaning “sausage wagon.” The hot dog stands sell Danish style hot dogs and sausages, which is similar to street food. The hot dogs are tasty and affordable!

Eating a Danish Style Hot Dog

One of Denmark’s most iconic sites is the statue of The Little Mermaid. Inspired by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, the mermaid gives up everything to be connected with her beloved prince on land. Reading fairy tales was my childhood. I was glad to bring myself on site to see the statue. However, the statue is crowded with tourists, who are busy taking photographs with the statue. It kills the mood. I learn that it is best to visit the statue early in the morning.

The Little Mermaid at the Langelinie Promenade

I look forward to spending my summer with DIS in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. I seek to make new friends, embrace Danish culture and cuisine, and visit museums and architectural buildings. There are a lot of things on my bucket list! But, I look forward to crossing off each wish and activity, one at a time.

Stay tune for more!

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