DIS Volunteers at the American Embassy

AmCham, a branch of the American Chamber of Commerce hosted an Independence Day Party at the U.S. Ambassador’s official residence on June 29th. Guests included members of various Danish-American organizations and they were given a taste of culture from the U S of A. Several corporate sponsors provided food and festivities, including McDonalds, Dominoes, Buddweiser, as well Danish groups such as Copenhagen Wine, Weber, and Bones.


DIS students, interns, and staff were all on hand to provide crucial logistical and organizational support to AmCham, from setting up table cloths, to manning the registration computers.


Although there was some rain during the actual events, the Danes made do sheltering under trees and in the sponsor booths. There was a live band playing, a childrens area with games, and even Copenhagen’s premier ultimate frisbee team (The Hucks) on hand to throw the disk with anyone interested. It was a great way to facilitate and celebrate Danish-American business relationships and cooperation while paying homage to America’s birthday.


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