Copenhagen Parks You Don’t Want to Miss

Copenhagen is well known for being filled with pockets of green spaces. In every neighborhood of the city, there are plenty of parks allowing for an escape from the speedy bikes and bustling city life. Ranging from nature reserves to urban parks, these are our top ten favorite outdoor spaces that you don’t want to miss.

Frederiksberg Have

One of the most popular parks in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg Have is a beautifully curated garden with lovely winding paths that pass by trees, open spaces, and canals. Located right near the metro, it is easily accessible by both bike and public transportation. Within the park is Frederiksberg Slot, a castle located at the top of the hill in the park which is still used for military training. Parts of Copenhagen Zoo border the outskirts of the park, allowing for glimpses of elephants on a lucky day.


Easily confused for an extended part of Frederiksberg Have, Søndermarken is located just across the road from Frederiskberg Have. Søndermarken’s nature is a bit more wooded, mimicking a forest combined with views similar to the Danish countryside. The park is also known for being the unofficial hangout spot for dog owners. When walking through you are more than likely to see dogs of all shapes and sizes frolicking in the open fields.


Located between Rødovre, Vanløse, and Frederiksberg, Damhussøen is a lake on the outskirts of inner Copenhagen. A pathway wraps around the lake, offering a main running trail and commuter bike path to many locals. Along the path are houses and villas, some larger than others, where it is possible to admire the neighborhood feel of Vanløse. The lake connects to the Damhus Meadow, a beautiful open green space that used to be part of the lake, creating a haven of wilderness in Copenhagen.


Near the Southern part of the Copenhagen harbor in Sydhavn is Sydhavnstippen. At Sydhavnstippen you can go for a stroll in grassy nature while walking along the water. Home to sheep and alpacas that roam freely throughout the green areas amongst the visitors, the park allows for a calm countryside feeling within the city.


Valbyparken, connected to Sydhavnstippen by a walking path, is one of the largest parks in Copenhagen. Within the park you can find nature playgrounds and long treelined pathways. Contrasting Sydhavnstippen, Valbyparken is specifically known for its themed gardens, and outdoor spaces that function as outdoor venues for concerts and events.


Within the limits of Christiania is Stadsgraven, named after the canal that separates Christianshavn from the rest of Amager. Along the canal is a pathway that weaves in and out of Christiania, offering views across the water of steeples in the distance along the way. On the path you’ll find houses, all built in the experimental Christiania tradition including many colorful murals and mosaics.

Assistens Kirkegård

In Nørrebro, Assistens Kirkegård functions as a main green space. Although it is a cemetery, on a sunny day you’ll find it packed with people going for an afternoon stroll. Full of tall trees, perfectly pruned hedges, and well thought out paths, Assistens Cemetery is also the burial site of many famous Danes including H. C. Andersen.


One of the coolest urban playgrounds in Copenhagen, Superkilen has become a main attraction for tourists, skaters, and children alike. Throughout the park, a main commuter bike path weaves its way, connecting the concrete pathways to the red clad concrete park just across the street. The park is decorated with cool art patterns and abstract formations that aim to appreciate art from the multiple cultures that are present in Nørrebro, as well as create an environment which embraces diversity and tolerance.


Dyrehaven, located a 20 minute train ride north of Copenhagen is a large park with tons of trails and spaces to explore. Historically used as the royal hunting grounds and fully equipped with a hunting lodge, the park now has deer roaming freely among the visitors. The park is also home to Dyrehavsbakken, or Bakken for short, the oldest amusement park in the world!

Kongelunden (Amager Nature Park)

Similar to Dyrehaven, Kongelunden is located a bit outside the city offering an immersive experience into the woodsy and marshy countryside leading up to the ocean. The park stretches throughout the tip of Amager and makes up part of Amarminoen, a 27 km long hiking trail that winds throughout Amager. Consisting of coastal wetlands, woodlands, and large open fields where horses and cows roam, the nature reserve is a perfect place to spend a lovely fall afternoon.

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