A Guide to Study Spots in Copenhagen

Finding new study spots is great way to explore different parts of Copenhagen and do some class preparation at the same time. Here are our recommendations for locations in the city to read, relax, and hit the books:

The Royal Danish Library – The Black Diamond

This library is the main branch of the Royal Danish Library. It is on the waterfront with wonderful views overlooking the canal. It also offers interesting exhibitions and events.

Great spot for (very) quiet studies in a beautiful building, meeting local students, and grabbing a coffee from the on-site café. It’s open weekdays until 20:00 and Saturdays until 18:00.

Visit The Royal Danish Library and Black Diamond website

Copenhagen Guide to Study Spots Black Diamond Exterior

Copenhagen Main Public Library

The library is located centrally, just around the corner from DIS and close to The Round Tower. Popular with students, this location has four floors and is typically busy with locals reading, chatting, and picking up books.

Great spot for good coffee from Democratic Coffee, people watching, and studying. It’s open weekdays from 8:00 until 20:00, and weekends from 9:00-16:00 (Please be aware that you might be turned away if there are too many people at the library at the time).

Visit the Copenhagen Main Public Library website

Tingbjerg Library and Culture House

Want to study in fantastic new architecture and experience local diversity? Then Tingbjerg Library and Culture House might be the spot. Re-opened in 2018, this spot is truly modern in that it is both a library and a space for locals to meet-up.

Great spot for getting out of the city, studying and observing local diversity. It’s open weekdays until 21:00 and until 14:00 on Saturdays.

Visit the Tingbjerg Library and Culture House website


Copenhagen’s student union specializes in old-school hygge, students from around the globe, and a great volunteer driven vibe. Studenterhuset is a classic place to have cheap coffee and food, and DIS students are automatically members and get the discount.

Great spot for group work in an international atmosphere. Open most days, with varying times. Monday through Wednesday it is open from 9:00-24:00, Thursday from 9:00-13:00, Friday from 9:00-15:00, Saturday from 10:00-14:00 and Sunday from 10:00-22:00.

Visit the Studenterhuset website

Paludan Book Café

The “World’s Oldest Book Café” is on what has always been known as a great street for antique and specialist books. It serves food, coffee, and hygge

Great spot for group work, coffee, food, and people watching. It’s open weekdays until 22:00 and until 23:00 on the weekends.

Visit the Paludan Book Cafe website

Copenhagen Guide to Study Spots Paludan Book Cafe

KUB Frederiksberg

The Copenhagen University Library branch in Frederiksberg is primarily a science library, and it’s situated next to the beautiful garden, Landbohøjskolens Have, which is worth a visit in itself.

Great spot for quiet studies and is open most week days from 8:00 until 20:00.

Visit the KUB Frederiksberg website

Nørrebro Bibliotek

This newly renovated public library lies in the center of the bustling Nørrebro area. Perhaps not the quietest of libraries, it also informally functions as a community hub for local Nørrebro residents.

Great spot for group work and people watching. It’s open every day from 8:00 until 20:00.

Visit the Nørrebro Bibliotek website

Copenhagen University Library, South Campus

The Copenhagen University South Campus is home to the humanities, law and IT Institutes. Newly renovated, the library is modern and has many good spots to ‘hide’ and work.

Great spot for quiet studies and meeting the local student population. It’s open most weekdays from 8:00 until 19:00.

Visit the Copenhagen University Library, South Campus website

Copenhagen Study Spots Guide Copenhagen University South Campus

Library at the Royal Danish Academy

Beautifully situated on the harbor front, this library focuses mainly on arts and architecture. It is located not far from the Refshaleøen area, which is worth exploring after studies.

Great spot for quiet and group study and for a glimpse into the past and future of Danish design. It’s open weekdays from 9:00 until 19:00.

Visit the Royal Danish Academy website

Kalle has a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the Royal School of Information Science in Copenhagen. He lives in the Frederiksberg area of Copenhagen with his family and many books and records. His interest in literature focuses on Crime Fiction, US/UK & Scandinavian writers and books for Children. He also enjoys the occasional cup of coffee and/or glass of wine.

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