Biotechnology with some Scottish Fun

I am taking Medical Biotechnology and Drug Development, and it’s been amazing. We are currently learning about the drug development process and how a compound synthesized in a lab becomes an over-the-counter drug in a pharmacy.

Our professor, Jeanette, is wonderful and knows from experience how drug development really works. The pharmaceutical industry is much bigger than it appears, and it’s interesting to dive deep into it. I had some preconceived ideas about pharmaceutical companies, which are being challenged by this class. Everyone in the class gets along and is getting super close, as we all went on a Study Tour together.


We went on a Study Tour to Edinburgh, which is now my second favorite European city (Copenhagen being first). We met with different companies and got to talk to a lot of people in different fields. It was really great to learn about other career paths, and the different roads you could take. We also got a chance to explore Edinburgh. We all went on a medical tour our first day and learned about Edinburgh’s history and contributions to medicine.


We got to do so much, it was amazing! We toured Stirling Castle, went hiking up Arthur’s Seat, and canoed on Loch Lomond.


We saw so much and bonded over long bus rides and delicious food. I definitely feel as if we learned a lot about the pharmaceutical industry and all the jobs that are involved in biotechnology.

My last class was Human Health & Disease: A Clinical Approach, which was pretty much health through the doctor’s eyes. It was nice to get a different perspective this Session. This class focused on the scientist view of health. I learned how to diagnose people last class, and this class I learned about putting new drugs on the market. It’s made me really appreciate all of the medications we have to help people and all of the scientists who work hard to ensure people are getting proper care.

As I must go, I will leave you with one last look of Edinburgh from the top of Arthur’s Seat. While I will miss Edinburgh, I am definitely ready for some warmer weather.


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