Kameo’s Guide to Stockholm


English translation: Cheers!

Wow, it’s been three weeks already! I am a long way from Philadelphia, PA. When I start to miss home, I look out my window. Stockholm is such a beautiful, vibrant city! There is so much to do and many different ways to have fun.

In Kameo’s Guide to Stockholm, I’m discussing my first impressions, tips, and three fun things to do around this wonderful city. I’m unpacking how I deal with culture shock, feeling homesick, and pointers on understanding the locals. Watch now below:

My Exciting Weekend

This past Saturday, I saw my favorite artist Tyler, the Creator at the Rosendal Garden Party Festival. I met new friends, danced, and had the time of my life! Regardless of culture, language, and age seeing people come together and sing his songs was a heartwarming experience. Check out the recap below (TW: some use of foul language):

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