A Guide to Study Spots in Stockholm

Good study spots are hard to come by, but luckily we’ve compiled a list of our favorites for you! Having new study spots to check out while studying abroad is a great way to explore different parts of Stockholm while getting class work done at the same time. There are plenty of spots in Stockholm, depending on the environment you are looking for. As a DIS student, you can bring your passport and register for a temporary library card if you would like to loan books, e-books, films, and discs in all libraries in Stockholm!

Here is a guide to our main spots when you need to fit in some studying:

The National Library of Sweden

This library is centrally located and is beautifully placed within the Humlegården park. Open to the general public, there are multiple areas within the library designated for quiet study. Whether you’d like to sit in the old study area among the books, sip coffee while writing a paper in the café, or sit among the archives in the basement, there are plenty of spots for every type of student. A cool feature to this library is the large glass roof above the stairs to the basement. On a rainy day it is the perfect white noise for studying! If you are there on a sunny day, you can take a stroll in the surrounding park area for a mental break.

Location and transportion:

The National Library is located on the south side of Humlegården, a park near DIS. The easiest way to get there is to walk: the distance is 1km from DIS and should not take you more than 15 minutes.

Stockholm Public Library

Located close to DIS, the Stockholm Public Library is a perfect place to study on any afternoon. Known for its architecture, the domelike figure from the outside turns into a cathedral-like interior, the walls lined with books. The library offers a large collection of books, audio tapes, CDs, and audio books, that you can loan if you sign up for a library card. Within the building there is a café, as well as group rooms, a reading area, printing facilities, and various databases and online newspapers.

Location and transportation:

The library is next to the Observatorielunden park. The easiest way to get there is to take the bus from Stockholms Musikhögskola to Stadsbiblioteket (line 4 or 72). Estimated travel time, is 10 minutes.

Stockholm University Library

The Frescati Library is the main library at Stockholm University and one of the largest research libraries in Sweden. Open to the public, the Frescati Library is one of the most popular study spots among the city’s students. The library is open to the public, however, you must be a student at Stockholm University to have full access to the facilities and resources. Don’t let that deter you though! The reading rooms are bright and modern, a great place to study.

Location and transportation:

The Frescati Library is located in Campus Frescati in the area Norra Djurgården, north of DIS. There are various public transport options to get there – the easiest is tunnelbana (line 14, toward Mörby Centrum) to Universitetet. Estimated travel time from DIS is 15 minutes.

KTH library / Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan Biblioteket (KTHB)

The KTH library has several study spaces in the library, both for individuals and groups, some are silent and others allow for quiet conversation. The library space is very open and bright. There is walk-in access, but you can also bring your passport and residence permit to become a registered user, allowing you to loan books, and access online materials on the computers. At KTH you will not have access to wifi unless you have an Eduroam account through your home institution.

Location and transportation:

The KTH library is located right near DIS, under 15 minutes away walking. You can walk along Valhallavägen and turn right before the Tekniska högskolan metro.

KI University Library / Universitetsbiblioteket, Karolinska Institut

The Karolinska Institute is a university that specializes in health and life sciences. The library collection therefore focuses mostly on medical studies, and KI curates the biggest Swedish collection of research material in this area. To use this library, you have to bring your passport and apply for a public user library card. Those holding a public user library card can use the reading area, check out items, and even search databases on location.

Location and transportation:

KI is located roughly 4km west of DIS. Take bus 73 to Karolinska institutet
västra – travel time approximately 35 minutes.

Study-friendly cafés

There are plenty of cafés throughout Stockholm that welcome remote work and studying! As a student, sometimes the best environment for studying is somewhere that has a constant supply of coffee – we all know the feeling! There are plenty of chain coffee shops that are popular amongst DIS students, such as Wayne’s Coffee, Espresso House, and Caffe Nero. However, there are other local and cute coffee shops all over Stockholm. Café Pascal is known to be trendy and have a mix of students and professionals working remotely. They have a great selection of pastries and a very open seating plan with plenty of communal tables – making it easier to find a spot! Systrarna Andersson has a lovely environment. Located right near St Eriksplan T-bana, it is a cozy coffee shop and great place for an afternoon study session. Finally, Kaffeverket is a favorite among the locals. Stocked with incredible pastries and a Scandinavian interior, it is perfect for when you need to focus.

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