A Few Tips (Part II)

15. Gamla stan: Touristy, but the prime place to window-shop and purchase souvenirs. Its claim-to-fame is a Ben and Jerry’s, which has incredibly over-priced bubble waffles (~55kr?). Check out Stockholm’s narrowest street and Café Dox (living room aesthetic with very good baguette sandwiches).

16. Gast Café: North of Gamla stan in Vasastan. I recommend the scrambled eggs with avocado. The grated parmesan hits the spot.

17. Nobel Prize Museum: Ask for the student discount! Small museum, but many audio-exhibits. Section where you can write your own “I believe…” statement on a whiteboard. Fun conveyor belt system on ceiling showing facts about various Nobel Prize winners. No spoilers, but Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016…but refused it!

18. ABBA Museum: Highly recommend going here after watching a refresher “Mama Mia.” Very interactive exhibits, including a “Dancing Queen” performance onstage next to hologram ABBA members, karaoke, and make-your-own-music-video. Since it’s a huge tourist attraction, be prepared to perform in front of crowds.

19. Haga Parkrun: 5k races every Saturday morning at 9:30. Completely free, but you must claim a spot online beforehand. Beware: entire site is in Swedish (and so far, unable to be translated). Unfortunately, I never got around to running one, but I thought I’d plug it anyway.

20. Uppsala: A little over an hour train ride from Stockholm Central Station. Omio is an easy app to use when finding cheap inter-city trains. Beware: SL access cards won’t work, so be prepared to spend money. Remember to choose the correct date of departure (some Omio tickets are non-refundable…I learned this the hard way). Check out the gardens, Crêperie Lemoni, and the English Bookstore (see my blog, “Livin’ it Upp(sala)” for other attractions).

21. Spontaneous Weekend Copenhagen visit: Do it! Overnight buses are cheapest, although the ride is ~11 hours. Air bnb’s are a step-up from hostels, but make sure you’re staying in the heart of the city—everything is mostly within walking distance from each other. Some must-see attractions: the Genetically-Modified Little Mermaid, Spiral Tower (climb it!), Assistens Cemetery (keep your eye out for the tiny art exhibit), Banana (ice cream place that sells two flavors: banana and banana-mango…it’s worth it), Superkilen Park, and Stefano’s Mad & Kaffe (had the best tomato-mozarella-pesto flatbread sandwich I’ve ever eaten). Oh, and “Hoptimists” are apparently the go-to souvenir.

22. Karla Café: Close to the Royal College of Music. Very boujee-looking, but has pretty plush couches and little platters of delicious apple cobbler (that they warm for you!). Yummy iced lattes and slices of Princess-esque cake.

23. Café Saturnus: Best (and largest) cinnamon buns in Stockholm (so I’ve heard). Serves bowls of warm caffeinated drinks. Impressive latte art.

24. Långholmen kayaking: Kayaks have foot-pedals here! 250kr for 2 hours of kayaking—there are cheaper places, but this route was absolutely beautiful.

25. Snösätra Graffiti Wall of Fame: Former industrial area in Southern Stockholm that now contains long stretches of graffiti by various artists. Probably not the best idea to go at night, but the art is mind-blowing.

26. Tyresta National Park: The highlight of my trip. I’d recommend this visit for the end, especially if you’re in need of some alone time. Spending a weekend in the woods hiking or sitting by a lake reading a book is the ideal way to reset and clear your conscience….and there are free postcards in the visitor’s center. To add some spice, couchsurf! It’s entirely safe and adds just the right amount of positive uncertainty.

I hope this list is helpful, now or in the future. Savor every moment.

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