A Few Tips (Part I)

To all potential DIS students and current students who are anxiously trying to squeeze in last-minute adventures,

I understand the restlessness to both begin your travels and to prolong them for as long as possible. I have six precious days left in Stockholm, and I admit that the travel fatigue is really getting to me. At the same time, I do NOT want my time here to end. I’m leafing through the pages of my travel journal to give you all some fun recommendations and to give myself some closure. Get ready for a long post…

  1. Fotografiska Museum: Very cool exhibits, one of which involves seemingly amusing photographs of random, colorful objects…but with surprisingly darker meanings. Several wildcard exhibits, with themes including war, technology, and sea pollution. VERY good gift shop with “fika” pins/coasters and an entertaining book comparing very attractive Swedish men to their matching, equally attractive dog breed.
From the book “Men and Dogs” (Chopin & Chaygneaud)

2. Princess cake: I wrote about this in my second blog, “Brains and Cake.” No excuses! Tip: if you decide to purchase a frozen Princess cake from ICA, start thawing it hours before you plan to eat it…the jelly layer is very, very frozen.

3. Djurgården Park (Skansen): Incredible walking/running/horse trails, as well as a cute, decently-priced café called Koloni Skansen that serves very good meatballs. If you wander far enough into the woods, you’ll find some sheep. Mid-summer activities happen here, but beware: you must pay an entrance fee.

4. Phil’s Burgers: Get the Beyond Burger and fries with béarnaise sauce. Yum.

5. Archipelago Tour (three hours with English guide): Provides a beautiful reminder that there are many other islands to explore. Remember to bring a jacket because it gets COLD on the water.

6. Karolinksa Institute: Medical research university worth visiting. Impressive architecture.

7. IKEA: Interior is arranged in a spiral formation, very different from the IKEAs I’ve been to in the US. Tons of fun sample rooms to walk through. Challenge: take a selfie in every mirror you find, and lie down on every bed you come across. GREAT dinner deal: roughly 30kr for a plate of meatballs, rice, curry, veggies, and a dessert of your choice. I highly recommend the chocolate brownie slice.

Veggieball option

8. Espresso House: Cold brew with pea milk. I know it sounds weird, but get the pea milk. Also, provides a lovely, air-conditioned, dimly-lit space to work. Multiple friends have given the carrot cake muffin strong reviews.

We love midterms!

9. Herman’s vegan buffet: My paradise (maybe not so much for meat-lovers). Very flavorful dishes (chickpeas, potatoes, jasmine rice, pesto pasta salad, hummus, kimchee, mango salad, yummy bread etc.). Very good desserts—I recommend the “nice cream” or apple & nut muffin. Good price (about 140kr for all-you-can-eat and unlimited coffee and tea), but unfortunately does not include dessert. Shady hammock area outside, along with several picnic tables by the water.

10. Subway Walking Tour: Free and only an hour. Explore the underground art exhibits of Stockholm’s transit system.

11. Stockholm Public Library: Impressive wrap-around bookshelves. Restrooms require money, but have no fear—there’s a McDonald’s next door, although it requires a code. In order to print, you need a tourist pass that can be obtained at the front desk. Beware: each page costs ~6kr (I believe). Little park outside with a funky sculpture.

12. National Library of Sweden: Admittedly, I only made it to the main lobby, but the surrounding park is gorgeous. Plenty of space to lounge around with a good book.

13. Emmaus Stockholm: Thrift store with a mini vintage section. If you’re looking for a thrift store with actual thrift store prices and a huge variety of clothes/books/trinkets, this is the place for you. I personally love rummaging through bottomless bins of clothing, which this place has! If you need to replenish your energy levels, Fåtöljen Café next door is very tasty.

14. Stay Calm Bodymodification: Are you edgy? Do you ­want to be edgy? Get a piercing! Prices are comparable to those in the US. Piercers are good-humored and have adorable dogs that they let you pet (this is uncommon in Scandinavia, because people are oddly possessive of their dogs).

Peep the piercing!

Recommendations are continued in my next blog :).

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