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Our student bloggers are great at capturing what the daily life of a student at DIS is like. Check out some of the highlights from these past few weeks below!

A Quick Trip OVER Copenhagen: Pilot Host Dad Edition

Langley, Duke University | Neuroscience | DIS Copenhagen

“On Sunday, my host dad asked me what I was up to, I said nothing, and so we made plans to go FLYING over Copenhagen and Zealand.”

Read more on Langley’s blog:

A Quick Trip OVER Copenhagen: Pilot Host Dad Edition

Queen Margrethe of Denmark knows that I exist!

Shannon, Colby College | Urban Studies | DIS Copenhagen

“Regitze: That’s the royal yacht.
Me: Is the Queen on it?
Regitze: Probably not.
One of the workers on the Harbor Bus: Actually, she is and she’s about to disembark.
My entire class: proceeds to freak out

Read more on Shannon’s blog:

Queen Margrethe of Denmark knows that I exist!

Kayaking on the Baltic

Helen, St. Olaf | Psychology | DIS Stockholm

“On Wednesday I went to my first LLC event of the semester and it was great! There are five of us in our small cohort, and we have two leaders, Tilda and Alex. Our event for the day was sea kayaking on the Baltic and it was great!”

Read more on Helen’s blog:

Kayaking on the Baltic

From Skansen to Cemetaries (plus a Cat Café)

Leaf, Skidmore College | Psychology | DIS Stockholm

“You may wonder why on earth I’d visit a cemetery, but Skogskyrkogården is a UNESCO heritage site renowned for its grandiose fields, architecture, and layout.  Skogskyrkogården creates a harmonious union between nature and architecture that feels different to any other cemetery.”

Read more on Leaf’s Blog:

From Skansen to Cemetaries (plus a Cat Café)

Kierkegaard’s Journey

Lauren, Loyola University Maryland | Child Development and Diversity | DIS Copenhagen

“Deciding to go on this field trip was a great choice as not only did we learn about Kierkegaard and were able to read his passages in the places that he was describing, rather I was also able to meet so many other DIS students who I ordinarily may have never ran into.”

Read more on Lauren’s blog:

Kierkegaard’s Journey

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