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Our student bloggers are great at capturing what the daily life of a student at DIS is like. Check out some of the highlights from the past few weeks below!

Homestay: A Second Hjem

Alice, Macalester College | Positive Psychology | DIS Copenhagen

“It’s been nearly two months since I have been living with a host family, and I can absolutely say that they have been the best part of my study abroad experience. It sounds like an exaggeration, but I can’t imagine how I would navigate this program without them…”

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Long Study Tour to Berlin!

Lauren, Boston University | Terrorism & Security | DIS Stockholm

“I just got home late last night and am exhausted after a busy week but so happy we got to go to Berlin- I can’t think of a better place for our core course to go.”

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Chronicles of a Host Dog: Emotional Support Abroad

Langley, Duke University | Neuroscience | DIS Copenhagen

“Frida is my host dog and she’s absolutely amazing, like sits, high fives, kisses, spins around, can balance a treat on her head amazing. And to be completely honest, she’s how I’ve made it through some of my hardest days while abroad.”

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Visiting a Danish High School

Beka, Lafayette College | Psychology | DIS Copenhagen

“The high school has a staircase devoted to the senior year class where all the seniors can write anything they want on the wall. This unique privilege shows that the school cares about the opinions and freedom of its students.”

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Autumn Abroad: Adventures to Roskilde and Møns Klint

Francesca, George Washington University | Sustainability | DIS Copenhagen

“I was looking forward to dedicating a weekend to exploring Denmark in its peak fall colors. There were a couple of spots in particular that I wanted to see in the fall time… And luckily this past weekend, my friends and I were able to make these trips happen!”

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