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Our student bloggers are great at capturing what the daily life of a student at DIS is like. Check out some of the highlights from the past few weeks below!

Parliament & The National Museum

Leaf, Skidmore | Positive Psychology | DIS Stockholm

“This past week, I was fortunate enough to visit parliament with my host mother who shall remain nameless.  She is a member of Swedish parliament, so I got an in-depth tour of the Parliament grounds…”

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Pumpkin Party with my Visiting Host Family!

Shannon, Colby College | Urban Studies | DIS Copenhagen

“As much as I adore Copenhagen, I have found myself missing Fall in the US. The leaves changing color, the apple picking, the Halloween spirit, et cetera. So, when my visiting host family invited me to their annual Pumpkin Party, I immediately said yes!”

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HopeNow – Guest Lecture for Healthcare Strategies Class

Langley, Duke University | Neuroscience | DIS Copenhagen

“In my Healthcare Strategies for At-Risk Populations course, our professor has put a huge emphasis on learning from  professionals and therefore we receive lectures with specific programs… Last week, we were lucky enough to hear from Hope Now, an NGO that combats human trafficking in Denmark.”

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Handling Stress

Beka, Lafayette College | Psychology | DIS Copenhagen

“Thus far, riding my bike in the evening around the city of Copenhagen has done wonders to reduce my stress. While biking, I can explore more of the city, which helps take my mind off my stress. Also, it helps me get some exercise. I wanted to share this coping mechanism with you all to say that it’s ok to have some downs.”

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Haircuts in Copenhagen

Lauren, Boston University | Terrorism & Security | DIS Stockholm

“I somehow got myself into Intermediate Swedish this semester just from some Norwegian Duolingo and sparse conversations with my grandma and mom… The other day, my host brother was being super energetic and my host mom said “tar dET lUNGT”. I laughed because I actually understood it and it basically means cALM doWN.”

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