What Are Summer Sessions Like?

Summer Sessions feel so so quick. It feels like I just got here, but at the same time like I have been here forever. Summer Sessions feel strange, mostly because everyone comes and goes at different times. Some of my friends only stayed for Session 1, others stayed for Session 1 and 2, and some are here for Session 2 and 3. Some might classify this as a negative, but I find it fun to meet so many new people. I am also very grateful I am here for all three because I get to see so much! I honestly do not know how people only stay for one or two sessions, I feel like I don’t have enough time, and I am here for all three!

One of the highlights has been only taking one class at a time. Because of this, we can learn deeply about the one topic at hand. I also realized that throughout my sessions, my topics overlap and I can apply what I’ve learned from past classes to my current classes. 

Another highlight of being here during the summer has been the Euro Cup, or the European Football Championship. Every game day, Danish streets are taken over with red and white. Danish are flags everywhere, fans are decked out in their gear, and there is so much spirit for the football team. Wednesday was the semifinal, where Denmark played England. This is the first time Denmark has gotten to the semifinals since 2004. Every win, Danes flood the streets in celebration, cheering the football song and partying until the next day. My friends and I have gotten very into it. We love our Danish bucket hats and going to the different “fan zones” throughout Copenhagen put on by the Euro Cup. Various “zones” are put on throughout the city with giant blow up screens to show the games for fans. There are tickets you can buy early to get in earlier than the general admission, or you can wait in line to get in an hour before the game starts, but you’re not guaranteed to get in. These are the best places to watch with so many other fans around watching and cheering for Denmark! It’s been so fun sharing this common love for Denmark and being here for such a groundbreaking time. Coming here, we didn’t even know the tournament would be going on, but now we know so much about football!

Nyhavn has had these flags up the whole time we’ve been here!
The streets in city center after Denmark won and found out we were going to the semi finals!

Because of the amazing weather, we are also able to do so much. During our long weekend between sessions, some friends and I were able to visit the Louisiana Museum and enjoy the beautiful park right outside of it and eat some sandwiches. The parks in Copenhagen are one of my many favorite things about this place. They are never crowded, always green, and the perfect place to hang out with friends for a picnic. It feels so easy here to just stumble along something fun anywhere you walk. My friends and I went for ice cream one night and there was a free jazz festival going on that we watched on Nyhavn! 

Louisiana Museum exhibit!
The amazing view outside of the museum!

It’s hard to believe that I’m beginning a new session already! I can’t believe it’s my last one. I feel like my time here has been so short, I wish I could just stay forever. I still feel like I have so much to do in these final few weeks! I don’t know how I’m going to fit it all in. That is one of the downsides of doing Summer Sessions – that you don’t have as much time as a normal semester.

This next week in my class I will be on Study Tour! I am in Bicycle Urbanism. Currently, we are learning about city infrastructure and how Copenhagen remains such a strong biking city. Copenhagen is also known for its high livability standard. At the end of the class, we will be creating a plan for a U.S. city of our choice to increase livability! More updates to come!

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