What’s On Wednesday? An Intro to Danish News

Last week’s Wednesday kicked off with another inspiring spread of field studies, and the Journalism vs. Public Relations course was among the partakers! When the clock struck noon, the class was off to envelope themselves in the excitement of one of Denmark’s 24-hour news channels, TV2 News.

The only way for the group to understand the inner workings of the newsroom was to actually stand in one. So the class did exactly that, first meeting up with news host, Lasse Sjørslev, and continuing on to an extensive tour of the station, by an endless amount of computer and television screens.

The news is constant, so even on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon the environment was exhilarating and fast-paced. Collaboration and remaining calm under pressure seemed to be important character traits to have for the reporters, camera crew, editors and the like, which spurred discussion. How does a news team react to breaking news, appear on live television moments later, and still manage to get the message across to an audience of 5.5 million across Denmark, in a clear, effective, and professional way?

Read Gavin Crowell’s blog post, Wednesdays Are Not ‘Free Days,’ where he shares a reflection on his day at TV2 and some great photos of the newsroom!

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