Welcome to the DIS Blog!

DIScoverstudyabroad.org is a new opportunity to read about DIS – Danish Institute for Study Abroad from the inside-out. A collection of student writers will feature here throughout, to reflect upon their experience studying abroad at DIS and in Copenhagen. Hear about their courses & instructors, field studies, their housing, first impressions, Danish culture, adventure tours, travel, study tours, and – the list goes on!

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Meanwhile, we’ll be on the lookout to give you the true DIS scoop with these themes in mind:

  • We’re eager to talk to the faculty: how did they start instructing at DIS? What’s their approach to teaching their field of expertise to upcoming DIS classes? Why is Copenhagen an ideal city to learn about their area of study?
  • What guest lecturers are speaking in classrooms at DIS? What is their initiative – what do they do in Copenhagen?
  • Hear about students and their unique experiences: joining a Danish football team, volunteer work, interacting with children at a Danish after school program, working amongst Danes in an internship, and even DIS alumni that made Copenhagen their home base.
  • Jump into the buzz of the city! What events and cultural experiences are happening around Copenhagen?
  • Danish culture – what’s beyond the scarves, candles, bicycles, and all that “hygge”?

Discover what it’s like to study at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad right here. Scan the categories below to see what topics we’ll be featuring, and make sure to check back!

Looking to meet the DIS Student Bloggers? They’ll take you through their semester, from pre-departure jitters until their last smørrebrød.

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