‘Wait, What’s Happening?’: A Student Podcast About Sustainability

In their first official podcast, “Wait, What’s Happening?”, students Karly Meyer, Maggie Edwards, Mary Maus, and Vikram Lakshmanan reflect on their experiences studying sustainability at DIS Copenhagen. The first episode focuses on the students takeaways from their Long Study Tour to Finland and Estonia, with their Core Course, Sustainable Development in Northern Europe. Read below to learn more about the podcast, and check out their podcast on Spotify.

“Wait, What’s Happening?”, is a podcast where a group of four students studying abroad whilst simultaneously learning about sustainability voice their thoughts, opinions and experiences in the field.

Hear directly from the students about their first podcast episode:

“Before moving on, the four of us want to express that we are students, and, of course, still learning about the field, however we thought this was a fun way to share our experiences in Europe. The first episode focuses on two main questions: What is the role that urban living plays in our transition to a truly sustainable future? And how do we build sustainable cities and communities? In an effort to justify our answers and draw conclusions on the overarching questions, we focus on our field study experiences in Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia. Both of these cities have overarching sustainable goals of ‘carbon neutrality,’ and strive to be ‘carbon zero.’ Both of these goals work in tandem with a large degree of sustainable development happening within the cities’ respective communities. The two Field Studies, as the basis of our discussion, allows us to think critically about the future of urban centers for living, and how we move forward towards a greener livelihood. Happy listening future follower!”

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