Views From Scandinavia

Coming here from a big city, I was never really a big nature person, and didn’t care so much for scenic views. They were so limited in my area, and to only visit a place just to sit and look at things was not at all appealing. But the moment I first got off the plane in Stockholm, and off the bus in Copenhagen, my perspective has changed completely.

In Stockholm, just looking out the window of my residential complex and seeing such a big body of water was so breathtaking. I found myself coming outside many nights and sitting at a bench outside, admiring the view while reading a book, or journaling (even writing some of these blog posts as well!) 

Each stop that you get off will bring a whole new beauty and vibe that will have you eager to explore! Even the stations itself are quite amazing to see, a whole new layout that will have you in awe.

In Copenhagen, each street you go down will have tons of shops and people exploring, and my jaw has dropped numerous times since getting here a little over a week ago. The canals are also truly a sight to see, and walking over the bridge overlooking the water I’ve just stopped to admire the view. Going on many boat tours including the one for the DIS opening ceremony, I guarantee that you will never get tired of the view, and the water glimmering all throughout the day. And the colors on each building are so vibrant making the city light up with color! 

One thing that cannot be topped, are the views of the sunset from the windows. Even though we may have to wait until 10 pm for that to happen, it’s 100% worth it.

Lastly, I have now officially become a botanical garden enthusiast, and have found myself spending hours upon hours in every one I go to. I certainly have plans to have a nice picnic with friends for the day and take hikes through the woods to truly take in a full experience with the outdoors.

I really feel as though this experience thus far has allowed me to have a growing love and appreciation for nature that I don’t think I’d find in many other places. My jaw has dropped more than once, and with future travels comes more opportunities to find hidden beauties across the globe. To just walk down a long path, see bright green trees and blooming flowers, and watch the ripples across the water brings a feeling like no other. The calming atmosphere brings me at peace, and I will never take it for granted again! Just one more thing that I’ll miss about being here, but my overflowing camera roll has thankfully captured these moments that I will be looking back on forever.

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