Tusind Tak, Danmark

Final Study Tour to Thorvaldsens Museum

It’s hard to believe I’ve reached the end of my Summer at DIS. This Summer has been one adventure after the other, and as sad as I am that it’s come to an end, I’m left with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and satisfaction. I wanted to take this, my final blog post, to reflect on my Summer at DIS. So, for the last time – here we go!

What were the highlights?

I thoroughly enjoyed both of my courses (see my previous blog post for greater detail on what Summer courses at DIS are like!). The course that I took for Summer Session 1, Strategies for Urban Livability, fundamentally changed the way that I look at and think about our built environment. It also has helped inspire and hone the scope of my Senior Honors Thesis I’m developing back at my home institution, from a purely conceptual architectural proposal to a tactical urban design proposal. Needless to say, I’m incredibly excited!

Final Presentations in Studio

The Architecture Studio that I was a part of for the Architecture and Design Session was a pleasure to be a part of. Because of the pandemic, it had been more than a full year since I had been in studio – I forgot how much I missed it. Our project brief, designing a harbor bath, was a fun and unique opportunity to design architecture for play and leisure, something I’ve not had the opportunity to do during my studies at my home institution. What perhaps was my favorite part of studio was the creative energy and collaboration around the workspace. Our Architecture studio of four people shared a large room with the Foundations Studio and Urban Design studio. I loved having the opportunity to work alongside and follow the creative process of my peers in studio. It wasn’t all work and no play – what undoubtably is the greatest highlight from my academics this Summer at DIS is our Study Tour around Denmark. The three aforementioned studios all went on the same study tour together and got incredibly close as a result. This made time working in studio even more enjoyable! One incredible surprise from this trip was running into one of my professors from the last time I studied abroad at DIS! This trip is something that I’m going to remember forever.

Another highlight from my Summer at DIS is having had the opportunity to live with Danes and commute like a local. I lived in a Kollegium with three other students who were all studying at Copenhagen University. I became close friends with my flatmates and was able to get a real sense of what life is actually like here through talking and hanging out with them, as well as biking around the city to classes and Field Studies. None of my flatmates have ever been to the U.S., and they’re already talking about planning a trip to come over and visit!

View of the water from the rowing club

I also had the pleasure of becoming a member of a local rowing club, Danske Studenters Roklub. This club welcomed me in with open arms. I got the opportunity to meet a bunch of locals (including some Danes who row at universities in the U.S.!). As a D1 athlete, I could not have asked for a better training experience than DSR.

The biggest highlight from my Summer at DIS is without a doubt the friends I made during my adventures. It sounds a bit cliché, but it’s true! Copenhagen’s vitality is contagious. The opportunity to explore this beautiful city with all of the incredible people I had the privilege of meeting this Summer is something I’ll be forever grateful for.

My last morning run through Nyhavn

Can I see myself coming back to Copenhagen?

As somebody who’s studied abroad in Copenhagen once before and had been looking for a way to come back since – absolutely, yes. I’m currently researching opportunities for Grad School and Architecture programs, which Copenhagen offers a variety of. I had been more heavily researching American programs, but after spending a second semester in Denmark, the idea of coming back to study here again for Grad School sounds pretty sweet. Even if I don’t end up pursuing graduate-level education abroad, I will absolutely be returning to this city. After two unforgettable semesters, Copenhagen holds a truly special place in my heart. As I’m sitting here writing this reflection, I find myself already excited for the next opportunity I’ll have to return to Denmark – I can’t wait!

In conclusion:

Dr. Seuss is quoted as saying “You’ll never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. It still hasn’t hit me that I’m not going to return to DIS for class this week. The Summer has flown by, and I find myself with an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. I think it’s a testament to DIS, the city of Copenhagen, and the people of Denmark that I decided to return for a second semester of Study Abroad. I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned during my time abroad and apply it to my studies and work at home, I can’t wait to inevitably see my friends that I’ve made while abroad, and I can’t wait to return to Denmark.

Thank you for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed following my adventures, and I hope that you too will write your own fairy tale in this magical city called København.

Tusind tak,


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