Treasures in Copenhagen: Hidden and on Display


Name: Marissa Buffo
Home University: Indiana University
Summer Session 1 Course: Human Trafficking in a Global Context
Summer Session 2 Course: Emerging Markets

It is hard to believe I have been in Copenhagen for just over a week. Some days it feels like I’ve been here much longer, like when I am able locate the nearest Lagkagehuset like a pro or when people mistakenly speak Danish to me. And some days it feels like I’ve just gotten here because there is so much I haven’t seen or explored. It seems like every time I cross something off my Copenhagen bucket list, I add at least two more things I’d like to do.

Coming from a country without a monarchy, I find the rich history involved in Danish royalty fascinating; especially it’s integration into Copenhagen. I returned to Rosenborg Castle to see the crown jewels and tour the extremely elaborate summer home Christian IV built for himself. The outside doesn’t hint at how vast and extravagant the inside of the castle is and I can only imagine what it would be like to walk through the halls filled colorful portraits and battle scenes in the 17th century.

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It is hard not to stumble upon hidden treasures while here, even while doing the most mundane things. While on a run near my kollegium during the week, I was surprised to find path through a farm with hundreds of grazing sheep. I didn’t expect to find a farm so integrated into the suburbs and it was a nice break from busy streets and cyclists. Marissa_Buffo_sheepselfieAfter visiting the Black Diamond Library this weekend with my kollegium, we continued to walk down the waterfront where we discovered a few in-ground trampolines, which were fun and perfect for some cool pictures. It is the small adventures that have colored my experience here and the best part about Copenhagen is you don’t have to go far to come across an unexpected person/place/event.

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Things I couldn’t live without so far: black leggings/jeans, fun & comfy sneakers, citymaps2go app, DIS student lounge, cute corner coffee shops.

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