Top 9 Spots to Study in Copenhagen

Recently five of our DIS Student Bloggers put their heads together to find out where the best places are in Copenhagen to settle down with a class reading or paper! From the windows where great thinkers looked out, to the hippest cafes in the city, these guys have a place for everyone. Here’s Ana, Kelsey, Grace, Eric, and Yoan’s take on the top spots to study in Copenhagen:

1. The Living Room

Whether you prefer a dim and secluded or light and open setting to study or chat, you can find both at the Living Room. Only a block from DIS, this cafe is bustling with students and Copenhageners. It has organic food items and typical coffee-drinks, and although it is a little more on the expensive side, it’s worth it every once and awhile considering the hyggelig atmosphere. (Curious what ‘hyggelig’ means? Find out here.)

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2. The s-tog, metro, and regional trains

One advantage of living further away from DIS is the chance to use public transportation. Sure, you might prefer devoting those thirty minutes on the train as extra sleeping time. But there is an upside — getting your work done. Whether you’re doing that last bit of homework you just couldn’t finish the night before or reviewing for a quiz, Copenhageners tend to keep quiet on the trains, providing you with a great study opportunity.

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3. Please Cafe 

If you see a sign picturing a one-eyed face with a top-hat and mustache, you have discovered Please: a simple, small cafe with cheap coffee, various drinks, and prepared lunches. With soups, sandwiches, salads, and small snacks, it should be noted that  DIS students get a discount before noon. There’s chill music and friendly staff, making it a very peaceful atmosphere to get some reading done before afternoon classes.


4. Rosenborg Castle

The former summer residence of one of Denmark’s most famous kings has beautiful gardens, large grassy spaces, and a very relaxed atmosphere. This is one study spot that us current DIS students are looking forward to enjoying once it gets a little warmer. We imagine that preparing for class will be enjoyed best while lounging with friends and people-watching.

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5. Ricco’s Kaffebar on Rådhusstræde

From DIS, turn the corner on Gammeltorv and walk across Nytorv on a rainy afternoon and you will find this haven – Ricco’s. There is always an open seat available to satisfy your moment’s choice of comfort, be it at a wooden table on a couch, or atop a painted red high stool. Order a steaming cup of coffee or treat yourself to a slice of cheesecake. This place sports free-wifi found at the counter, and an evenly mixed crowd of internationals and locals. If you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon to court your latest assignment over a drink in a cushy open space, take a seat at Ricco’s.

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6. Cafe Paludan

Cafe Paludan is a book café and restaurant situated just a three minute walk from DIS. It has a rather special atmosphere; it combines the idea of a traditional bookstore with the act of sitting down to read or study. But don’t worry- it is super casual and there is no need to be dead silent! It is a popular spot among students of DIS and University of Copenhagen, along with other varying age groups. Whether you are on the first floor or the second, you can always gaze at a colorful array of books dressing the walls, or look through the glass facade to enjoy a view of bikers and pedestrians. This is the place to go if you feel like getting warm and cozy with your studies, or meeting up with other friends to study.

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7. The Windows of Rundetårn (the Roundtower)

Denmark’s great philosopher Søren Kierkegaard studied in these windows when he was a student at Copenhagen University. Walk to the top and enjoy the oldest working observatory in Europe, along with a great view of every major landmark.


8. Studenterhuset (The Student House)

Just to the left of the Roundtower, find Studenterhuset, a student-run gathering place for all students living in Copenhagen. More of a social hub than a study spot, Studenterhuset nonetheless is spacious and welcoming, where you will find student discount prices for coffee, drinks, and pastries, and a mix of DIS students, Danes, and international students studying and chatting. So if you like background chatter when you study, or want to join in on a few conversations yourself, this is a great place to go!


Expert tip: You can also volunteer with Studenthuset! Find out about volunteering with Studenterhuset here.

9. V10 – 3rd floor ‘Blue Room’

If anything, exploring the DIS corridors is as rewarding as wandering the neighborhood. If you’re seeking a quiet study spot nearby to crash between classes or bang out that last paragraph, hike up to the study lounge in Vestergade 10, which we present to you as the ‘Blue Room’ inspired by its abundant blue couches.blueroomDIS1 In addition, within this soft-lit ambiance, you can find a sink, microwave, printer, coffee tables and best of all, a row of lockers where you can store your belongings for 20 DKK. Around noontime, us DIS students like to gather with friends over homemade lunches, but otherwise, this space runs on a tacit ‘indoor voices’ rule.

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