Top 9 Places You Will Find Swedish Students on a Weekend

You are ready to spend a semester abroad studying in Stockholm, but when the school week is over, where will you be? We have put together the top places you are likely to find young locals in Stockholm, and where there’s a chance you’ll meet someone new!

1. Spending the day in nature
With 26 city parks, Stockholm has a lot to offer if you want to escape into nature. You will likely spot groups of students taking a hike, or just taking in the landscape. Swedes enjoy being outside regardless of the weather, and take part in many recreational activities such as canoeing, paddling, cross-country skiing, or even jumping in the lakes – only to sprint into a sauna! When living in the Outdoor Adventure Living & Learning Community, you have many opportunities to engage in an active lifestyle in Stockholm with fellow outdoor adventure enthusiasts!


2. Barbecuing outside along the water
Whether it’s smoked herring, vegetables, sausages, or even cheese – during the warmer months, the parks are packed with Swedes soaking up the sun and enjoying a barbecue. Walpurgis Night, a festival that takes place on April 30, celebrates spring with bonfires, choirs, and of course – lots of grilled food!

3. Hanging out or cooking at university housing
While going out for dinner is a great way to celebrate the weekend, oftentimes student budgets make it difficult to enjoy too many meals out. To save some money, and make for a cozy weekend with friends, many students opt to cook a meal at their university housing or apartment in the city. Living in a Residential Community alongside DIS and Swedish students will allow you the opportunity to coordinate a potluck dinner, or maybe even a cooking competition! Food can be a great way to share cultures and traditions.


4. Studying at the library
Stockholm’s libraries are just as beautiful as they are useful. When you arrive in Stockholm, you can sign up for a temporary library card for many of the libraries in the city – and by the time it’s midterms, you can meet your friends for a kaffe and study session. To catch a glimpse of what Stockholm’s public library looks like inside, watch our video Academics at DIS Stockholm (jump to 1:35 for a peak inside!)

Stockholm Public Library

5. Watching soccer (ahem, we mean football…)
When football is in season, you can be sure to find Swedish National fans planted in front of the TV, at a local bar airing the game, or, if they are lucky enough, at the Friends Arena stadium. And to really feel like a local, join in on the longstanding rivalry between Denmark and Sweden (lucky for you, Sweden leads the series 45-18-40!) DIS is situated right next to Stockholm Stadion, where you can see cross-country skiing in the winter, and pickup football games in the summer!

Football 2

6. Enjoying fika at a café
If there is one thing you can rely on, it is locals taking a fika break at some point during the day (and usually, it’s every day!) Cafes are a popular place for students to meet up and enjoy the slowpace of the weekend. Grab your friends, or a good book, and head to a cozy café to feel a part of Swedish culture! Valhallabageriet is a popular café located down the road from DIS, that is very popular with the locals.It’s tiny size will allow you to bump into a stranger, and maybe spark a conversation!


7. Going on a run by the water
If the best way you clear your head of coursework is by going on a run, you are in good company. Stockholm is filled with fitness junkies who enjoy exercising outside. If you really love running, and also want to learn a thing or two along your route, check out Run With Me Stockholm, a group that gives guided running tours of the city.

8. Flea market shopping
Swedes are well known for their style, and what better way to dress like a local than to buy from one? If you are on a budget, check out Stockholm’s Loppmarknaden, or flea markets, that take place every weekend in the warmer months. If you do your digging, you can find everything from books, to trinkets, clothes, and jewelry! You can find locations and times on Facebook.

flea market

9. Enjoy a free concert
DIS is housed in the same building as the Royal College of Music, and at lunch time there are often fantastic concerts to attend in the building. While it is not a weekend activity, it is still a great way to spend your free time!

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