Top 10 Most Memorable Moments of the Spring 2014 Semester

Three weeks remain in the semester, leaving us all dreading the end and the goodbyes that come with it! However, instead of letting that get us down, let’s reminisce about some of those moments of the semester that really made it a great one!

1. DIS Spring Students’ Arrival: Current students – let us take you back to the very first day at DIS. In the flurry of jetlag, new friends, families, and surroundings, you sat down at ‘Cirkus Bygning,’ where you were introduced to Malene Torp, Executive Director of DIS. During this Opening Ceremony, she shared with you her own personal study abroad experience – and from there, she gave her hopes for your semester, academically, culturally, and personally.

At the conclusion of her speech, Malene shared one more cultural insight: the Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and her recent selfie. With fellow classmates alongside, you then took your very own to break the ice and document your first moments as study abroad students at DIS – a memory we think fondly back on!

2. DIS Got Groovy: Students in the Digital Media in Marketing course filled the DIS halls with musical notes, with a concert that promoted local musicians! Branding the evening as ‘CPH Groove,’ the event was built from the bottom up by students themselves, giving them a taste of digital marketing in the real world. Customized apps and a dynamic webpage were the keys to their success, resulting in a line of students waiting to get in!

3. American Ambassador to Denmark at DIS: Rufus Griffin, the American Ambassador to Denmark, presented here at DIS for students and the public. The Ambassador’s open-minded attitude led the discussion to cover a spectrum of political tidbits. Taking lead from students in the European Politics program, questions fired away and covered all topics, from Denmark and America’s great relationship, to the Ambassador’s past as the Finance Director for Obama’s re-election, thoughts on ‘westernization’ and free expression, and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The evening was certainly one to remember… and one to take notes at!

Sp14 American Ambassador to Denmark at DIS (37)

4. DIS Ambassadors Gave Back: Valentine’s Day is mostly known for its chocolate hearts and loving thoughts. This semester, the DIS Ambassadors decided to give the holiday’s tradition a twist! Camped out by Rådhuspladsen, the DIS Ambassadors sold 195 biodegradable heart balloons and donated the money to The Heart Association in Denmark. The Heart Association loved the idea so much, they initiated a virtual balloon release on their website, so all could join in! ambassador

5. The Global Economics  Program Visited Moscow: The Global Economics students walked away with a real grasp of the current political discussion in Russia, during the new study tour led by DIS faculty Kristian Sørensen and Jon Kyst. After meeting with key players at the top of the country’s decision making process, within politics, finance, diplomacy, educational, and cultural spheres, students witnessed the significant effects of the current conflict. With their tour coinciding at such a memorable time in history, these students and their experience in Moscow steals a spot here on the top ten!

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6. Spring Bloomed… On time!: Contrary to popular belief, the Copenhagen spring is right on time this year, making this one of the most memorable parts of the semester. Midway through March, the first of the spring flowers popped up – one of the best spots to check this out was in nearby King’s Garden (photographed here by current student, Juliana Marothy). And as the days become longer and lighter, current students are shedding their extra layers, and enjoying field study Wednesdays a little more! Check out this Danish and Language course, who took to Assistens Kirkegård to recite H.C. Andersen’s everlasting tales.

7. Copenhagen, Named Europe’s Green Capital: Out of all the European cities, Copenhagen was chosen as the ‘Green Capital’ – and for a variety of reasons! For starters: its innovative urban planning, dedicated bicycling inhabitants, and the city’s goal to become CO2 neutral in just eleven years. We’re pretty proud to be a part of the population who gets to enjoy Europe’s greenest capital – but we know a group who’s even prouder (hint: think students in Sustainability in Europe!)

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8. Eurovision Lands in Denmark: With Denmark’s victory last year in the Eurovision song contest, the torch has now been handed over to Copenhagen to host this year’s contest for all of Europe to enjoy. At the end of April, ‘Eurovision Village’ will plant itself in the center of the city, where various artists and enthusiasts will celebrate the beginning of the musical festivities. Then – all heads will turn toward the real deal contest held on May 6, 8, and 10 – with Danish hopes of winning once again!

9. Spotted the Pope:
While I was off discovering the architectural wonders and grand masterpieces of the Eternal City, we heard word of the pope making a public appearance. Students shuffled through the crowds, to make their way over to the Vatican, just in time to hear him speak. Talk about experiencing Roman culture, past and present!

10. Tivoli Gardens Opened: Although it happens every year, Tivoli’s spring debut never gets old! The lawns filled with blossoming flowers, excited Copenhageners, and the old fashioned rickety rides, all give the warm feeling of walking through a fairytale town. With the gardens just in our backyard, we have to say it’s worth a visit (or two!). Current students, this is a great place to explore in your final weeks here with your Visiting Hosts, Danish Roommate, or Homestay!

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