Too Many Memories for One Summer

The countdown until the end of my time in Copenhagen has started, and my heart hurts to think about leaving this wonderful city. Looking back at the last six weeks, I’ve noticed that I have grown so much from the beginning of the program. The first few weeks, I was trying to do everything and pack as many things into my day as possible. During the middle of the program, I started slowing down – staying home more and taking it easy. And now that we’ve come home from the Study Tour, and I’ve made more friends than I have ever had before, I see myself having the best time on my program so far. This also saddens me because, in a few days, I will have to say goodbye to the people that I finally got to connect with.

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During my time here, I got to see almost everything on my bucket list and had a chance to travel to three different countries. Although I would love to go home and play with my dog and bask in the Hawaii sun, I will be traveling to Norway, Iceland, and Canada for another twelve days after the program, with my sister and my dad. We are all very excited to travel, and I can’t wait to see what these countries will offer us!

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I can proudly say that studying at DIS has been the best experience of my life, and I would not trade this summer for anything. I was apprehensive a few weeks prior to coming here because I was so scared of being alone in a new country, but along the way, I’ve made a family here, and I now have a new place that I can call home. I have gotten to know some of the most wonderful people I have ever met in my life and learned skills that I never thought I would gain.

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Copenhagen will forever be my home, and I hope to one day come back and reminisce my time here.

I’m off to Norway, Iceland, and Canada, and will be documenting my adventures on my personal blog.


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