This October’s Noteworthy DIS Blogger Stories

Have you checked up on our DIS bloggers lately? They’re on a roll, in a big way! With 25 students across all different academic programs, there’s no question that hours can be spent surfing their blogs. Yet, if you enjoy some quick reading with your morning coffee, here’s some stories we recommend you start with.

Kelly_Black_flairBlow Away by Berlin – It’s as Easy as A-B-C!
Name: Kelly Black
Home University: University of Albany, SUNY
Academic Program at DIS: Psychology – Cross Cultural
Kelly is more than impressed with what Berlin has to offer while on study tour, and manages to tell it all with the use of the alphabet. Art. Berlin. Culture. Go!

Megan_Morrow_flairMy Second Adventure Trip of the Semester: “Hike the Hærvejen” Name: Megan Morrow
Home University: Johns Hopkins University
Academic Program at DIS: Sustainability in Europe
Megan’s second Adventure Trip was a success! Not only does the Hærvejen have amazing scenery, but it’s history traces back to 4000 B.C. Find out what made this trip worth it, as told by the hiker herself.

Kyle_Weiss_FlairAn Open Letter to the Queen – Some Ideas on How to Make Denmark a Better Place
Name: Kyle Weiss
Home University:
Claremont McKenna College
Academic Program at DIS:
Global Economics
Kyle has few suggestions for Her Majesty on how to improve the state of Denmark… He is still awaiting a proper reply!

Delaney_Hobbs_FlairTop 10 Travel Tips
Name: Delaney Hobbs
Home University:
Wake Forest University
Academic Program at DIS:
Communication – Cross Cultural
Delaney went on her first travel break and learned a thing or two. She wrote her tips up, just in time for the second travel break coming up this week!

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