Despite a Sudden End – Students Take Home a Bit of Scandinavia

After their semester was cut short, the DIS bloggers continue to reflect on their time abroad. Hear their stories and their reflections, and follow them on their journey home as they wrestle with a semester that ended two months too early. Find out what they’ve taken home with them and how they’re still connected to DIS and Scandinavia.

The little things

“If I could give one piece of advice from my time abroad, it would be to cherish the little things. Because although the exotic adventures will be great, it’s the trips to the grocery store, the walks to class, the hangouts in my bedroom that will stick with me the most.” – Hannah, Georgetown University, DIS Stockholm

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“I spent my last day in Sweden walking around Gamla Stan with my roommate, trying Princess Cake for the first time, and having fika one last time with some of my favorite friends and teachers. Then before I knew it, I was on my way to the airport and landed back in Chicago, where I think I burst into tears as the plane was landing.

Even though my time in Stockholm was cut short, I will forever be grateful for the memories, friends, and experiences that I never thought I would have and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” – Rachel, Stonehill College, DIS Stockholm

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“Although I am looking forward to going back to my school in the fall, DIS has changed my outlook on how academics can be taught. I really enjoyed the emphasis on in-class discussion—even in my (often very) technical computer science classes. And while I wasn’t able to go on a study tour to another country, I only heard wonderful things from my friends who went.” – Sam, Middlebury College, DIS Copenhagen

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Staying connected to Scandinavia

“Our family dinners and movie nights with my roommates were one of my very favorite things about my time in Copenhagen. I don’t know if any of you are reading this but if you are: Hi! I miss you! Hoping for a Zoom or Netflix party sometime soon.” – Alice, Bradley University, DIS Copenhagen

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“I facetime with my host family about once a week. I WhatsApp with my Danish friends that I’ve met at my favorite cafes, stores, burger shops, etc. Everything I do now is impacted somehow by my time in Copenhagen and even though the classes will continue from my bed now and then soon end, the relationships and memories I have from this place are forever.” – Gabrielle, Spelman College, DIS Copenhagen

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“I know I’ll treasure every memory I made, and I’m confident that I’ll be back one day to finish what I started. In the meantime, I’m still trying to stay connected with my professors and classmates online, and plan on keeping this blog updated. Even though I’m home, I’m taking a lesson from Denmark and staying as hyggeligt as possible.” – Emily, Emory University, DIS Copenhagen

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This isn’t goodbye

“Leaving Sweden was definitely bittersweet. I feel as though I have grown and learned so much. I learned to travel by myself, to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. I learned to take breaks and savor the little moments in the day during fika. But most importantly, I got to study my passion. Although, time got cut short, I am so grateful for my time in Sweden and I know that it definitely isn’t goodbye.” – Christy, University of Illinois at Chicago, DIS Stockholm

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“In this time of worldwide adjustment, I encourage whoever is reading this to remain patient and kind. Thank you to Copenhagen, for being more than I could have ever imagined. I have absolutely fallen in love with this city and this country, their fashion, what they stand for, the beautiful landscapes, and so so so much more. I now have an even better reason to return. Until next time.” – Julia, Syracuse University, DIS Copenhagen
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