The FOMO Trap and Other Week One Antics

Every day is a chance to explore, be present, and embrace life as it is. It is relatively easy to do so here in Copenhagen and fully take in the simplicity of each passing day. With 18 hours of sunshine, it can become overwhelming very fast– especially when your body is begging to bathe in the breeze and the shimmering summer sun. The first week has been just that. With the weather being a steady 16 – 21 C, I would refuse to go to sleep until I’ve experienced something in Copenhagen. For those who are staying all three sessions, that is, 10 weeks, I’d advise you to take it a little easier than I did. For those who are only here for 1 or 2 sessions…well maybe the moderation advice is not so applicable!

The Bridge by Paper Island

Despite my thoughts about overexertion on the account of FOMO, or the fear of missing out, I think my study abroad motto still holds some value. Do something every day. It may be as big or small as you want. FOMO may derail you from actual enjoyable experiences by clouding your judgment. Instead, listen to your body and heart. Corny I know, but I can assure you that the most important thing about this trip is YOU! You worked so hard to make studying abroad possible, so do something every day. Treat yo self.

My favorite parts so far have been all of the little Eureka! moments that come with adjusting to life in a foreign country. I learned to bring my own bag when going to the grocery store. (They move quickly, so work on that bagging skill) Also, people here don’t jaywalk…even when no one is around.

Also, I got to check a couple of things off of my unofficial bucket list! I walked up the spiral stairs of the Church of our Savior in Christianshavn, conveniently located about a 15-minute walk from my Kollegium. As we make our way up the narrow staircase, I peer out a small window. There, an angel extends their arm outward at the greenery and waterways of Copenhagen, my very own welcoming ceremony.


From the church, we walk to Papirøen, or Paper Island in English. The island is home to the famous food market called Copenhagen Street Food, an indoor/outdoor street food vendor. Prices range from $8-$20. Here is where I tried smørrebrod for the first time, complete with fried fish filet, shrimp, crayfish, and caviar. Indulgence alert! Go here for amazing food at a semi-affordable price. Don’t forget to get a Pulled Duck Burger at least once. The line is long, but you will not regret it.

Some other things I did:

  • Venturing Freetown Christiana
  • Cruising the many canals by boat
  • Overcrowding a touristy bar with my ~15 other housemates
  • Dancing in a less touristy bar and pretending to know words when a popular Danish song is playing
  • Studying at the Royal Library (more like buying coffee, then leaving moments later because the sun was out and I was not about to stay in)
  • Enjoying the free concert at Tivoli

The best adventure of the week that I had though was definitely going on a scavenger hunt in Ishøj. I don’t know how long these “Hidden Giants” will remain here, so it was cool to find even one!

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