Thanks for the Memories, Copenhagen!

emma_cripe_summer2Name: Emma Cripe
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Northwestern University
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Emerging Markets
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Windmills Constructed: Energy in Scandinavia

I can’t believe that my 7 weeks in Copenhagen are almost up. It all went by so fast! It seems like just the other day I was lost in the streets, not being able to find Rosenborg Castle, and didn’t know how to pronounce the Metro stops. I’ve met so many amazing people here in Denmark (finally met a Dane in my kollegium on the last night we cooked dinner!), made so many life long memories, and had the best summer ever! I know when I get back home people will ask me about my favorite thing I did here, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to choose from all of the great memories! I did so many tourist things, but I also got to experience the Danish culture (and food!). I thought I’d start here and list a few of my favorite memories from this summer:

Sankt Hans Aften

I already wrote a blog post all about my experience with the Danish midsummer tradition, but it was definitely one of the highlights of the summer. I think that getting to experience a country’s traditions is one of the best ways to feel like you’re a part of the culture. Seeing the bonfire and hearing the Danes sing all of the traditional songs was definitely an experience I will always remember!

Sankt Hans Aften at Nyhavn
Sankt Hans Aften at Nyhavn

Nightly Sunsets

On the days when the sun was actually out, I got the most beautiful sunset outside of my kollegium window! I’m going to miss how beautiful it was each and every night!


F.C. København Soccer Game

A few weeks ago, there was an F.C. København soccer game that my friend and I went to! A soccer game was on my bucket list, so I’m so glad I got to go to one! We sat (stood) in the super fan section and it was so much fun! We pretended to do all of the Danish chants (we got the Olay and the F.C. København ones down by the end of the game though, so it was a success!) I thought that the game was a great cultural experience and even though we faked our way through the chants, it was cool to jump up and down and cheer along with the other Danes.

F.C. København game
F.C. København game


I spent most of my time in Copenhagen and the surrounding area, but I also got a few opportunities to travel around Europe. I went to Norway to hike (I’ve always wanted to see the fjords!), Sweden (day trips to Malmö and Gothenburg), and Hamburg, Germany. I’m glad that I got to see more of Northern Europe and Scandinavia, and I made many memories traveling with the friends that I’ve made here at DIS.

Fjords of Norway – dream come true!
Fjords of Norway – dream come true!

This summer, I got the opportunity to see most of the tourist sites in Copenhagen, but I also feel like I truly got to live like a Dane. It is definitely possible to become fully immersed in a culture in such a short time! I even feel like I can read Danish now (maybe not, but I can at least recognize lots of words!) DIS and Copenhagen have been amazing. I know I’ll remember this summer forever!

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