Thank you for the memories


It’s hard to believe my incredible three weeks in Scandinavia are coming to an end! Saying goodbye has been harder than expected; it’s crazy to think how many good times I’ve had with people I’ve gotten really close to and now my chapter here is closing. Coming in, I couldn’t have even imagined making such good friends and loving the city so much that saying goodbye would be so bittersweet!!

After these past weeks, I am more than determined to make it back to Stockholm one day!

My heart will go on. . .

Even with just the few times I’ve been abroad in my life, I have found that nothing bonds people together like traveling and sharing experiences. Throughout Session 2, I’ve met so many interesting people that have taught me so much and helped me see life in a different perspective. We’ve also had plenty of good laughs and mischief to never forget. I am so very thankful for this experience!

Our course, “The Power of Women in the Viking Age,” has also been a fascinating and wonderful learning experience. I will definitely take away a lot of knowledge and admiration for the many strong women depicted in the Viking sagas.

Coming into Stockholm, I was really set on practicing my Swedish (I have studied two years of Swedish in college) and using this opportunity to get a little bit more proficient. I was able to go to a language cafe where they host weekly conversation hours, which was very helpful. It’s called Cafe Dox in Gamla Stan and I would highly recommend it!

Ordering in Swedish is also a very easy and extremely satisfying exchange. Not much beats the excitement of successfully buying a simple coffee in Swedish!

Sweden: thank you for the food, the scenery, the friends, and the memories. I promise I won’t be gone long!

Thanks for reading!

Hej då

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