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After coming back to the U.S. for about a week now, I can safely say I miss every moment in Copenhagen. My time with DIS Copenhagen has easily been one of the best experiences of my life. I am going to take this blog post to reflect on some of my favorite things about Copenhagen. 

  1. My Friends

I loved all of the friends I made while in Copenhagen. We made the best memories by taking full advantage of everything around us. Most of us knew people from our home universities or other connections who had studied abroad in Copenhagen, and we had just looked up things that we knew we wanted to do or heard other people do. So, we all had compiled lists of these various activities, places, and things we wanted to do and see. By the end of our trip, we had accomplished all of them!!! We were so happy to have done this and it made us feel so accomplished and happy with our time. I got to do some things I’ve always wanted to do, and things that push me out of my comfort zone like Bungy Jumping (yes I did do that). It was amazing to be connected with so many people with the same interests and passions as me. I also loved getting close with my Danish roommates. Learning about their lives and their favorite places to go made my experience that much better and I miss them so much already.

My friends and I on our last night in our Hygge sweatshirts!
  1. My Classes

All three of my classes taught me so much about sustainability, urban development, and culture! My teachers and classes inspired me to continue my education and a possible career in these fields. They also made me realize how possible it is to have a job in these sectors even in communications. I wasn’t so sure if I would be able to because I had never really taken any other classes in sustainability or urban development, but my teachers encouraged me to believe that it is possible! It would be my absolute dream to come back to Copenhagen with a job in communications and live there all the time! 

During my last class we biked to Dragør!
  1. My experiences!!!

My experiences are experiences I could have never had while staying in the U.S. for a summer. My daily bike rides and walks around the city made me appreciate just how special Copenhagen is. I loved immersing myself in the culture by participating in bicycling everywhere like they do, and continuously learning and understanding more about the culture through my Danish roommates as well as my Danish relatives. Moreover, living in Copenhagen for only 2 months wasn’t enough time. Some of my friends and I are already planning to move back in a few years once we are all done with school. I couldn’t thank DIS more for my experience abroad. From my housing situation to my classes to everything, I don’t think anything could have been more perfect!

Our favorite sunrise spot 🙂

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