Sustainable Transitions

Hey guys! It’s been awhile. My name is Evelyn, and I’m in the middle of Session 2 with DIS in Copenhagen. I was also in Copenhagen for Session 1, studying Health Delivery and Prioritization.

In Session 3, I’ll be taking Public Health Policy in Practice in Stockholm. As a public health minor, I tried to select classes that aligned with those interests. There weren’t any public health courses during Session 2 in either Copenhagen or Stockholm. So I called DIS and asked for a recommendation on a course I should take.

After talking with me about my academic interests, the person at DIS suggested Sustainable Development in Northern Europe. This course has changed my life! The Study Tour for this course is located in southern Norway. I’ll discuss this awesome trip in more detail in my next post!

Interestingly, this class also has a lot of ties to my previous healthcare course from Session 1. For example, we’ve discussed the impact of medical waste on the environment and the effects of pollutant mismanagement on human health.

In my previous course, we also heavily conversed about the role that inequalities play in all levels of society. Social standing can influence exposure to risky behaviors such as smoking. Such inequalities perpetuate gaps in environmental engagement and sustainability efforts. For example, a person of low social standing has much bigger immediate needs than ensuring their waste is properly sorted. I hope to, by the end of this session, learn more about how to address these gaps starting with the most fundamental of needs: nutritious and sustainable food. Eventually, I’ll pursue a master’s in environmental studies with a focus in sustainable food production.

Now, what did I do in between sessions?!

My roommates and I decided to hop a flight to London, England. Amazingly, it was only $38 round trip – a “must do” in my book.

I also learned how to drive a boat on the Copenhagen waterways, a harrowing experience indeed! If you do decide to head out there, I’d suggest bringing a friend who feels comfortable captaining vessels with delayed steering!


Finally, I made it to 5 out of 6 hidden giants in suburban Copenhagen, biking from around 2:30 pm to 10:30 pm. There’s no landmark for the giants on any maps service, so it’s like a massive treasure hunt! Whew. Still recovering. Definitely see a few if you can while you’re here. The ride is bucolic and peaceful, especially on a sunny day!


‘Til next time!

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