Student Writer: Ryan Wakat

Ryan WakatName: Ryan Wakat
Home University: University of Colorado – Boulder
Summer Courses at DIS: Design and Society in Denmark, Furniture Design Studio & Workshop

Hey there! My name is Ryan, and I am an architecture and design major from the University of Colorado Boulder, but I am originally from the suburbs of Chicago. This summer I am focusing on Danish Design and Scandinavian Furniture Design. I chose to come to DIS and Copenhagen because it has been well regarded as a great institution for learning and as a place for really learning about the culture that is all around you; in this case, the Danish culture. Additionally, from all the alumni at CU Boulder who have gone to DIS, not one of them has said anything bad about their time studying in Copenhagen. In fact, most of them wish that they could spend another semester at DIS!

After only being the city for about a little under a week, I can say with much confidence that it has easily become my new favorite city. It doesn’t matter if it is 11pm,  8am, or anytime in between, the city is always bustling and there is always something going on.

My first time riding a bike in the city, was during my second day of class. I was pretty nervous because I wasn’t sure how much traffic to expect. I am on the cycling team at my home university so I was pretty confident in my ability to handle a bike in the city. However, the country roads of Colorado are substantially different then the city streets of Copenhagen. The nice thing about the bike lanes in Copenhagen, is that they are about as big as a car lane in most areas, and it is very easy to maintain. About 6 other students in my class and I all biked out to the Red Square and rode on the bike highway for a little bit, before returning to the city.

During my first weekend in CPH, I went to the Marmorkirken, or Marble Church to see what European churches look like and how they differ from US churches. I was not disappointed; the shear volume alone was enough to make me just sit and stay for about hour. Luckily enough, the tour that takes you on top of the dome was about to leave from the nave, so I purchased my ticket, and was able to get an unbelievable view of the city. Not a bad way to end my first week in Copenhagen.

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