Student Writer: Jolene Dreier

Jolene DreierName: Jolene Dreier
Home University: University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Summer Courses at DIS: Livability in the Modern City, Positive Psychology

It is not uncommon to spot a Danish woman drinking a latte biking down Nørrebrogade – the busiest bicycle street in the world – all while wearing heels and a dress. Here, biking is not just exercise but a way of life. And when it comes to style, they certainly don’t let it get in the way.

For me, packing for a Denmark summer seemed impossible. I was told it was rainy. Then I was told it was hot. And then I was told that I had to bike everywhere.  The fact is, all of the above are true.  If I could offer any advice for packing this summer it would be this.

  • It will be rainy. However, the rain has yet to ruin any of my travel plans or get in the way of biking to class.  So while you may never know what the day holds, don’t be caught off guard in the rain. Bring a raincoat.
  •  Drastic colors should be left at home.  Here, you find almost everyone dresses in neutral colors (mostly black). If you are looking to befriend Danes and feel comfortable living in this city, black is the way to go.
  • And if you’re planning on a six week session but don’t want to haul your whole closet, layers are key.  Like stated earlier, it will be rainy some days, but it will also get hot.  Packing a tank top and shorts is a good idea, but don’t make the mistake of packing only this. Cardigans make great additions to tank tops on those rainier day and tights work well under those shorts, giving you the best of both worlds.
  •  As for shoes, I have found that a light pair of tennis shoes can be paired with any outfit. After all, biking is the norm here.  For me, having a lightweight pair of tennis shoes has made it easy for me to travel around the city, comfortably.
  •  Scarfs can provide that added warmth during the nights and are an easy addition to carry. Bring one.

To ensure you blend in with the locals during your trip, consider the above. Copenhagen locals are known for a casual style and while almost anything goes, it’s nice to blend in sometimes. And if you happen to arrive and realize you forgot something, local stores such as H&M, Moss Copenhagen, and Pieces carry a variety of items for whatever the weather is that day.

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