Student Writer: Corinne Goudreault

Corinne Goudreault

Name: Corinne Goudreault
Home University: University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Summer Courses at DIS: Human Trafficking in a Global Context, Sustainable Food Systems: Ecology, Economy, and Ethics

This session, I’m with Hayley in Human Trafficking in a Global Context – and let me just say, I love taking classes at DIS! When you first walk into the buildings, there’s a maze of welcoming halls, kitchenettes, and open study spaces.

Corinne_DISspacesGoing to class everyday makes the buildings feel cozier and more like home, and the location is amazing – our class has a door right out into the main shopping street!

Even in just two weeks, I’ve already learned so much about trafficking – from international protocols to what exactly is going on to how big of a problem it is in our own backyards in the US. The classes at DIS are amazing and involve a lot of hands-on discussion and experience. Just today, our class was lucky enough to take a day out to Malmö, Sweden! Sweden has legally attacked sex trafficking by making prostitution illegal, the opposite of Denmark, where it is fully legalized. Here we are at lunch in Malmö, with my professor, Anne Brandt Christensen:

Corinne_AnneBrandtEarlier this week, we also took a night tour of the Red Light District in Copenhagen, so we could experience the world of the sex industry firsthand, and notice both the legal and the trafficked prostitutes. Getting to see the workers right in front of us really helped to understand what we had been learning in class, and gave me a completely new view of what was actually going on – and all the classes at DIS have activities like this!

Because our class meets every day in the summer session, classmates really get to know each other. In fact, my best friends here are in my class – every day when we get out, we talk about what we’ve learned that day and we go out to explore Copenhagen – there’s always something new to explore! Here is me with my classmates Maddie and Mikaela while in Malmö (photo credit: Courtney Vaughn):

Corinne_MalmoTaking Human Trafficking has been an adventure so far, and I’ve enjoyed every class period I’ve spent so far at DIS – but I’m off to write a paper!

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