Student Writer: Corinne Goudreault

Corinne GoudreaultName: Corinne Goudreault
Home University: University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Summer Courses at DIS: Human Trafficking in a Global Context, Sustainable Food Systems: Ecology, Economy, and Ethics


This week we start our second session at DIS – how time is flying! For those of us staying for both sessions, we had a long weekend in between this weekend – and everyone travelled! I’ve just returned from Rome, where I went for the weekend with my roommate Syd and friend Danielle:

Photo1 CorinneI have to say, it was a pretty funny feeling coming back to the airport today and seeing the DIS interns there to receive the Session 2 students – it’s crazy to realize how much of a place of belonging you can build in Copenhagen in just three short weeks! It made me really look forward to building even more of one over the next three with my new class; in the process of unpacking and getting ready for tomorrow I’m beginning to realize how excited I am to start Sustainable Food Systems! Classes at DIS are so unique in both how interactive they are and in the wide range of topics available for study.  The classes here are so holistic, and I know from my class first session that despite the fewer class sessions, our course material offers a look at our topics from every angle – as I can tell by all the reading I’ll be doing!

Course_MaterialOn that note, I can’t wait to talk about the ethics food systems face in finding economically viable solutions – and topics like this offer such a great wealth of opportunity for discussion (which DIS professors are amazing at harnessing) that I can’t wait to see how much I can learn. Plus, of course I can’t wait for our study tour – our class will be visiting the UK – Devon! It looks beautiful, and from what I can tell, offers many amazing opportunities for hands-on learning.

devon (2)I  can’t wait to get started!

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