Spring 2017 Student Shares Her DIS Experience Through Videos

Over the next four months, Tara will be vlogging about her journey abroad as a semester student at DIS Copenhagen. She has already posted a few videos on YouTube covering how she packed, saying goodbye to home, arriving and settling in. Check them out below!

Introducing Tara

Tara studies at Iowa State University and this semester at DIS, she is enrolled in the Sustainability Program. On her YouTube Playlist, her videos take you through the course of her semester abroad sharing her daily life, courses and study tours, cultural experiences, and more. As a fashion design major at her home university, she will likely share observations and reflections on Scandinavian fashion while here. She is also a vegetarian and occasionally will give suggestions about being a vegetarian abroad.

Five Fun Facts

  1. When not in class, Tara enjoys embarking on a hunt for the best falafel in Nørrebro
  2. So far, the best thing she has eaten since here is the vegetarian brunch plate at Kaf
  3. One of her biggest goals of the semester is to attend as many of the museums as possible
  4. Her favorite aspect of Danish culture is getting to bike everywhere
  5. She decided to come abroad to DIS so she could study sustainability in a city that truly understands and embraces it

Ask Questions and Engage

Connect with Tara on Instagram at @abroadwithtara. She is ready to answer your questions and share her DIS experience.

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