Six DIS Students to Follow on Instagram

You’ve read through the DIS website. You’ve checked out the different Core Courses and explored the wide range of Study Tours opportunities. Maybe you have decided your housing preferences, and even looked into the different clubs, organizations, and sports teams you could join while abroad. But, you still may be wondering: ‘What is the day-to-day life of a DIS student like?’

Check out a few of our students who have been sharing pieces of their semester on Instagram:

Isabella (@izzyincope), Bowdoin College
This semester, Izzy is living in a Homestay, taking the Children in a Multicultural Context Core Course, and curling with a local club team.

Nick (@nick.debortoli), University of Dayton
Nick shows you some of Copenhagen’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems.

Emma (@labritheswede), Furman University
Emma captures Sweden’s astounding natural landscapes and Stockholm’s beautiful architecture.

Jazmyn (@jazmyngreen99), Wake Forest University
Follow Jazmyn to learn about some of the coolest places to visit in and around Copenhagen.

Natalie (@nataliemarienb), DePauw University
Natalie takes you to the best parks and green spaces in Copenhagen.

Annie (@annieweavsoverseas), Furman University
Annie shows you Stockholm’s art scene and what it’s like to live in a Swedish Homestay.

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