Session 2 Reflection

This Session has disappeared overnight! I finally hit my stride living in Copenhagen: I found the fastest route to class, where to shop, etc. I am glad I was able to stay here for two sessions. Otherwise I wouldn’t have assimilated so well. And, I love it here. It’s my favorite city that I’ve ever visited!

Since being here (besides learning a lot academically), I’ve gotten a new tattoo, been to London between sessions, visited five out of six “Hidden Giants,” gotten confident in my urban biking skills, started buying groceries in bulk to reduce plastic waste, became a vegan, stopped being a vegan (I now identify as a “chegan” or “cheating vegan” haha), went to Norway on study tour, captained a boat, swam in the canal, learned how to salsa dance, and… was run over by an aggressive biker (while I was also riding a bike).

We both immediately fell off our bikes when he tried to pass me with too little space left in a raised bike lane. Luckily, I only have some bad scrapes and bruises from this encounter. It could have been a lot worse, but it reminded me that, no matter how comfortable you are biking, there are still things – and people – whose behavior you can’t control! The best thing that you can do is protect yourself – don’t forget to rent a helmet with your bike!

A sweet street in Oslo, where we spent a bit of our study tour.

I hear that Stockholm, my next city for Session Three, is not as much of a biking town. In many ways I’m relieved. While I’m there, I hope to pay a visit to the Stockholm Resilience Center in addition to studying public health. I’ll also be living with Swedish students in addition to my previous roommates in Copenhagen, which I think will be more of an enriching experience than I previously expected.

Of course, I’ll keep y’all posted! Let me know if you have any questions or comments below 🙂

My class and I at Hardangervidda National Park near Rjukan, Norway 

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