Session 1 Reflections

Before I started studying abroad, I imagined that living in another culture would be a drastic adjustment full of growing pains. Maybe it’s just that I mesh well with Scandinavia, and am accustomed to living away from home, but I feel more at ease here than in the States. Also, there’s virtually no (English) language barrier in Denmark.

These three weeks have absolutely flown by. Taking one class at a time has been intensive, but it also does not require as much focused learning as my semesters at William and Mary. However, I wish this session was a week longer to include a Study Tour and more evenly spaced Field Studies! We’ve had several days of two Field Studies in a row and that can be strenuous.

Luckily, I have plenty of time here on the weekends to explore Copenhagen!

A highlight includes Distortion, the city-wide music and cultural festival. The party was truly city-wide, with participants of all ages, despite the rain. Here are me and my roommates on the day it was in our ‘hood!


Speaking of roommates, I was also startled to discover how well we all get along. It was thoughtful of DIS to place us together as we’re all staying the entire summer in Scandinavia. We’ll be heading to London this weekend during the break between sessions! I’m looking forward to vegan afternoon tea and tweeting at Big Ben (he’s currently under construction at the moment).

Another highlight has been enjoying Copenhagen’s green spaces on sunny days. Here’s a pleasant view from the lawn of Frederiksberg Gardens. You’ll notice that many families and friends also come out and enjoy the weather!


Next session, I’ll be diving into a course called Sustainable Development in Northern Europe, a bit of a wildcard for me. Because that session is longer, I’ll be able to go on a study tour to Norway, which I plan to write about extensively! I look forward to sharing that experience with DIS Blog readers. ‘Til next time!

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  1. It is wonderful to read that you are having such a great experience. I hope you enjoy London. I think about you every day. Love, Gran Nancy

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