Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: The Semester’s Last Travel Break

This week concludes the last travel break of the semester – and naturally, we looked to Instagram to see where our students are traveling, and have traveled this semester! With a little help from the #DISabroad hashtag, it turns out the students are seeing iconic sights across Europe, making connections on week-long study tours, traveling with both new and old friends, and staying in Copenhagen to embrace the hygge. Flip through the slideshow to see what we’re talking about! Spoiler alert: Royal palaces, Amsterdam canals, boat rides in Istanbul, Turkish tea breaks, dinners with views, Norway fjords, harbor watching in Copenhagen are all featured in this album… See for yourself!

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Curious where these photos come from? Search #DISabroad on Instagram, and you’ll find a whole lot more! These photos are tagged by current students, experiencing their semester at DIS. Keep up to date with Instagram and watch as the semester unravels!

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