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For those who are able to explore the ins and outs of Copenhagen, Nørrebro swiftly becomes one of their favorite neighborhoods. As one of the most diverse areas of the city, you’ll find a wealth of cultures mixing together to give the neighborhood its own unique feel. With a wide range of restaurants and cafés, independent shops, cultural spots, outdoor spaces, and street art, you can easily to see why so many want to make Nørrebro their home! Check out some of our favorite aspects of this must-explore neighborhood.

What to see, do, and eat in Nørrebro:

Assistens Kirkegård


For the residents of Nørrebro, this cemetery is an essential green space for the community. You’ll often find people here taking an afternoon stroll or a picnic, and the tall uniform trees that line the center make it undoubtedly picturesque to glide through on a bike. Famous Danes, including singer Natasja Saad, Hans Christian Anderson, Nobel prize-winning physicist Neils Bohr, and philosopher Søren Kierkegaard are all buried in the cemetery. Free tours are offered from April to September. The metro stops right at the corner of Nørrebrogade and Jagtvej.

Superkilen Park


Tucked into Nørrebro, this park was designed for all ages, creating a space to celebrate the local community’s diversity and is a great example of how design and public space can bring community together. It’s divided into three distinct areas – The Red Square, The Black Market, and The Green Park, which you can easily identify by their colors. The aesthetics are beautiful and it’s a wonderful place to meet others or take a blanket and a book and people watch.

The Charming Streets of Nørrebro


The streets of Nørrebro make it a great neighborhood to just walk around and explore. On your journey we recommend visiting some of the most delightful and popular streets in the area. Stroll down Ravnsborggade to wander around the antique stores, hit up Blågardsgade for it’s delicious and diverse culinary offerings, head to Møllegade to study and grab a coffee at Andersen & Maillard or buy a book at international bookstore, Ark Books, and finish your journey on Elmegade to stop at one of the many boutiques and cozy bars.


As one of the hippest and most popular streets in Copenhagen, Jæggersborggade stands on its own. This little residential street has so many delicious and charming restaurants, cafés, art galleries, and independent shops, you’ll want to keep visiting over and over again. We recommend getting some foliage for your room at Plant KBH, stopping for coffee and a pastry at Coffee Collective, and, if you’re around in the spring, visit the popular Jægersborggade Loppemarked, or flea market.

Green Grocers


Green grocers line the streets of Nørrebro and are a great place to get some spices you may not be able to get in the regular supermarkets, save money, and avoid plastic wrapped food. It adds to the neighborhood coziness and makes it easy to get your fresh fruits and vegetables whenever you need. DIS staff recommend Hind Market for its delicious samosas, which sell for only 15 Danish kroner a piece. They’re also quite lovely to see lining the streets as you bike past.

The Bridges and Lakes of Copenhagen


Just between Nørrebro and Inner City, the lakes and bridges of the city provide locals with a picturesque spot to enjoy the nicer days. It’s very trendy to sit on the Nørrebro side to grab brunch at one of the cafés and restaurants along the lake, take a walk with a friend, go for a run, or bring some of our own coffee or tea and sit with a friend at Dronning Louises Bro. The bridge is about 100 years old is still a hip hangout spot, often with music playing in the background. In the summer months, you can even take a swan boat out on the lakes.

For Library Fans

If you’re looking for an alternative to your regular libraries and study spots, check out two of our favorite libraries – Nørrebro Bibliotek and The Human Library. Nørrebro Bibliotek is a newly renovated public library. Its entrance is right in the middle of The Red Square of Superkilen Park, and it informally functions as a community hub for local Nørrebro residents. The Human Library is an international organization that started in Copenhagen. The Library hosts events where they “lend” people for conversation instead of books to challenge prejudices and help people meet others they may not encounter on a daily basis. You can show up and ask the person available questions as a participant.

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