My First Encounters with Copenhagen

Hi!!! Welcome to my first blog. I am delighted to have you here. I am Yuqi and I am studying Management at The University of British Columbia. A long time ago, I made the decision to come to DIS as an exchange student during the summer break. As a result, I have been eagerly anticipating my life in Copenhagen for the remaining time. This summer, I will be taking three sessions and courses, two of which are related to entrepreneurship. The first one is “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe,” followed by “Entrepreneurship Practicum.” These two courses are bundled together and must be studied as a package. “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe” is structured around group collaboration to address an existing problem. Meanwhile, “Entrepreneurship Practicum” offers us the opportunity to engage closely with a Danish startup company. In addition, I will be taking a course called “Strategic Leader.” I am eagerly looking forward to my upcoming Study Tour to Sweden and Italy.

Why Denmark

I am an East Asian girl who grew up in China, so I have a better understanding of Asian culture. I came to Canada to study and have also gained some knowledge about North American culture. However, I have never visited Europe before, and I have always been fascinated by the Nordic way of life. I want to go there to experience and witness the collision of different cultures.

I have heard that the Nordic region embodies absolute gender equality, and I am eager to experience it firsthand. In the future, I aspire to better comprehend and promote gender equality from a female perspective. Furthermore, I am excited to immerse myself in a new culture, explore the clash of cultures, broaden my horizons, and expand my worldview. I yearn to explore the city, sample new foods, and learn about the history and customs of the country I am about to visit. By having these experiences, I hope to develop a global perspective to observe and comprehend things in the future.

First Impressions about Copenhagen

When I arrived in Copenhagen, I noticed several distinct differences between this city and Canadian cities. Firstly, Copenhagen left a profound impression on me with its unique urban landscape. The city successfully combines traditional and modern architecture, creating a stunning fusion style. On the streets and squares of the city, one can witness historic buildings such as castles, churches, and ancient districts, showcasing Denmark’s rich history and cultural traditions.

Another contrast with Canadian cities is Copenhagen’s bicycle culture. While cars typically dominate as the primary mode of transportation in Canada, cycling is incredibly prevalent and popular in Copenhagen. I was amazed to see a multitude of people cycling through every corner of the city. To support this culture, Copenhagen has dedicated facilities designed for bicycles, including bike lanes, bike parking lots, and even traffic lights specifically for bicycles. This proactive bicycle environment has made cycling a convenient, environmentally friendly, and well-liked mode of transportation.

Unlike Canada’s diverse population, Denmark’s population consists primarily of Danes, resulting in a relatively homogeneous society. This population structure fosters close social connections and cultural continuity, as the Danish people share common characteristics in language, values, and social behavior patterns.

Thank you sincerely for visiting my inaugural blog post. I will persist in providing updates on my life in Copenhagen over the forthcoming weeks.

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