Midsummer Happenings


As soon as we arrived back in Stockholm from our Study Tour, it was already time for Midsummer celebrations. The Midsummer festival is specific only to Sweden and is simply about celebrating the joy of being outside under the midnight sun and the beauty of nature! Swedes definitely don’t take their sun or good weather for granted, as they don’t always have it year round. Midsummer is one of their biggest holidays, usually spent in the countryside, with good friends, flower crowns, and lots of dancing!

Ironically, Midsummer is usually notorious for bad weather, but not this year!

In search of finding a traditional Swedish Midsummer experience, I ventured out of the city to Herrängens Gård. I found myself amongst a crowd of local Swedish families and lots of happy children eager to enjoy the fika and dancing! If you’re looking to see how the locals do Midsummer, I would highly recommend this location; although it was hilarious to me to hear “Cotton Eye Joe” played around the maypole.

Following our afternoon in Herrängens Gård, I went back to Stockholm and spent the rest of the day swimming in the Bay Area. It was nice to be able to finally relax a little and just enjoy the sun after traveling so much. We ended the evening with some popcorn and chocolate as we watched the sun slowly sink into the sky after midnight – my idea of perfection.

Nadine and I enjoying the festivities

It has been so wonderful to return to Stockholm after our Study Tour; I think we all felt a little bit like we were coming back home. While I loved Iceland, it’s nice to feel a renewed sense of independence in the Stockholm city, as well as temperatures of about 60!

Herrängens Gård

I think we can all relate to the Swedes’ love of nature and desire to celebrate beautiful, summer weather. This holiday is really all about spending time outside with good friends and family. In that case, I’d say this years Midsummer was a success!

Glad midsommar och vi ses!

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