Meet Three DIS Summer Students

We cannot hold back our excitement – we’re already counting down until Summer Session 1 begins in May! Have you considered studying abroad this summer?

Hear from Janet, Andy, and Mckenna, who share their European adventures.


Janet, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Janet mixed and matched summer sessions by taking a child development course in Copenhagen and a psychology course in Stockholm. A highlight of her summer abroad was joining in on the extremely charming Swedish traditions of Midsommar.


Andy, Ohio State University

Andy ate his way through Catalonia while on Study Tour with his Food and Identity course. He also took the Meaning of Style course and ventured into forests around Copenhagen to find the Six Forgotten Giants.


Mckenna, Vanderbilt University 

Mckenna explored inside glaciers, went whale watching, and walked across lava fields on Study Tour in Iceland with her Climate Change and Glacier Modeling course.



Follow in Their Footsteps

Do these opportunities sound exciting to you? Come study abroad with DIS this summer!

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