I’ve Fallen in Love

It is still hard to fathom that half of my time here in Denmark has already gone by. Session 1 was filled with an abundance of adventure, excitement, learning, and trying new things. My first three weeks in Copenhagen in my Session 1 course, Sports Medicine: Performance and Fatigue, was spent learning a whole lot about the human energy systems, sports injuries, sports medicine, human anatomy, among many other topics. The material was extremely interesting and the classes were engaging. The hands-on aspect and constantly doing activities made this class go above and beyond my expectations. For instance, we spent a class playing soccer and football. However, the substitutes on the sidelines also doubled as athletic trainers and a few students were secretly asked to act out an injury so that the athletic trainers needed to be aware and know what was going on. Let’s just say, I will not be getting an Oscar any time soon. Putting our skills to the test in these role plays was very beneficial in learning how to manage different injuries in a real-life setting.

We played soccer and football at DGI-byen

During Session 2, I am taking Positive Psychology. I chose this course because I saw it being potentially beneficial for myself. I tend to be extra hard on myself and thought that this course could help me loosen the reins a little bit. I also saw this course as beneficial in terms of taking it with me throughout my life and in my potential profession as a strength and conditioning coach. Using positive mentality and coaching strategies can help the athletes I train be more successful and have confidence in themselves. Our second week of the course will be spent in Edinburgh, Scotland for a study tour where we will engage in numerous activities, such as a canoeing, hiking, meditation, meeting with experts in the psychology field, and exploring positive psychology in a new environment.

The famous Onsdagssnegle from Sankt Peders Bageri, which is only made on Wednesdays

I decided to do 2 Sessions with DIS this summer because I wanted to make the most of my time abroad. For me, 3 weeks did not seem long enough, and I also wanted to be able to go on a study tour, which only takes place during Sessions 2, 3, and 4. Adding a Session meant that I would get to spend more time in Copenhagen, I could travel in between the two Sessions, and I would get to go on a Study Tour; all things that highly appealed to me. In between the 2 Sessions, I visited Amsterdam with my roommate, Alex, and a fellow DIS Session 1 student named Emma. It was a great experience and I am truly blessed to have been able to go with them. Some of the highlights included going to the Anne Frank House, visiting the Holocaust Museum and Monument, taking a canal tour, sitting on The Fault in Our Stars bench, and visiting the Artis Royal Zoo. I also got to try stroopwafels, amazing cheese, a Dutch pancake, and delicious omelets from Omelegg (this place is a must go when in Amsterdam!). This trip to Amsterdam also made me a little homesick, although not from America, but from Copenhagen. I truly missed Copenhagen.  

We visited and took a tour of the Anne Frank House

This Session, I am looking to become more positive as I learn more about Positive Psychology in my course. I am also looking to continue checking things off of my “Copenhagen to-do” list, as well as embark on spontaneous adventures and try new things. This amazing place has truly become my home and I know leaving will be one of the hardest things I do, but I still have 3 weeks left, so I am going to make the most of it.  


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