Five Ways to Hygge at Home

To hygge (verb; Danish): to have a calm and cozy time

How are members of the DIS community finding cozy moments in their days, now in quarantine?

1. Putting value in the small stuff

Hygge is a particular way to be present; both with others and oneself. It’s about taking the time, being in the moment, and to put value in the small stuff. This quarantine has been the perfect time to indulge in the way of hygge.” – Maria, local Danish student

2. Lots of plants and lots of sunlight

“I enjoy all the sunlight I get in my living room, I stay in the living room throughout every bit of it. I just bought more plants to try to make the living room look extra cozy these days.” – Luiza Scalco, DIS staff

3. Getting crafty

“I’m diving into craft projects while listening to audiobooks. Audiobooks are a really fun way to engage in reading, I use the ‘Libby’ app to rent them through my local library which has a huge selection! My craft of choice is cross stitching. It’s easy to learn (lots of tutorials on YouTube), and you can purchase affordable patterns and starter kits online. Right now I’m stitching the characters from The Office for my sister.” – Christie Jardine, DIS staff

4. Food, food, food

“We make cookies and pancakes and good food together to add something fun and yummy during the days.” – Embla Thorsdottir, DIS staff

5. Be together, at a distance

“I’ve been spending A LOT of time with my housemates (given that we are all home, all the time). In normal times, we are all so busy with our own schedules, we don’t make time for each other. But a silver lining to this whole situation has been that it’s been really nice to bond – whether we are all working from our dining room table or watching bad television together.” – Ashley Miller, DIS staff

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