How Europe Becomes Your Classroom: Summer Study Tour Stories

After you make Scandinavia your home, you get to make Europe your classroom. Hear five stories from students at DIS Copenhagen and Stockholm about their summer Study Tours. The students had the opportunity to learn from professionals in their field, and apply all the knowledge from their courses to the world outside their classroom.

Creating Leaders in Firenze

Ally, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, went to Florence with her Strategic Leader Course at DIS Copenhagen. She and her classmates met with world-renowned Italian companies and explored Italy through the lens of aspiring leaders.

After her Study Tour, Ally reflected on her experiences of learning abroad.

“My Study Tour to Italy was one of the most educational and culturally stimulating trips I have ever taken. I met new friends, made connections with foreign leaders, and was able to apply a new way of business thinking to my goals in my intended field. The memories from Florence will stick with me for a lifetime.”

>> Experience Ally’s Study Tour to Florence, from her perspective

Vikings in Reykjavík

Anna, University of Minnesota, studied Power of Women in the Viking Age at DIS Stockholm. For her Study Tour, Anna went to Reykjavík, Iceland. Here, she explored historic sites, went horseback riding on Icelandic ponies, and experienced Iceland’s Independence Day.

Anna documented what made her time in Iceland so meaningful:

“It’s been fascinating to study the strength of the role of women in a society that was so patriarchal, and praised brutality and masculinity.”

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Emotions, Cognition, and Behavior in Paris

Grace, Oberlin College, studied Affective Neuroscience and Lifespan Psychology with DIS in Stockholm for Session 2. For her Affective Neuroscience course, Grace went to Paris. Her class had dinner in the dark, tried to discern sculptures while blindfolded, and floated in sensory deprivation tanks. All to understand the different senses and their relationship to the brain.

“We not only looked at great works from famous landmarks such as the Musée de la Musique or the Louvre, but we also experienced first-hand the consequences of depriving ourselves of certain senses. How does not being able to see affect our emotions in aesthetic contexts?”

>> Discover more about Grace’s Study Tour to Paris

Finding a Sense of Self in Switzerland

During Session 3, Grace studied Lifespan Psychology. For her Study Tour, Grace and her classmates went to Zurich, Switzerland. They visited hospitals, and learned about physiotherapy and childhood rehabilitation.

“We also attended presentations about improving cognitive abilities in the elderly, language acquisition, and the link between videogames and academic success. Many of my classmates felt pretty enlightened afterward and found something that resonated with their own sense of identity.”

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An Expedition to Sweden & Finland

Ee Jay, University of British Columbia, was enrolled in the Architecture & Design Session at DIS Copenhagen. For Ee Jay’s Study Tour, a mix of 17 DIS students across design disciplines headed to Sweden and Finland.

“Reflecting on my Study Tour, I was fascinated by how the Scandinavians pushed the design boundaries by blurring a typical design expression of a building function.”

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