Housing in Stockholm: DIS students share their experiences

Where you live can be a transformative part of your study abroad experience. It’s where you build community, engage with your surroundings, and grow as a global citizen. The place you go home to and the people you share space with are impactful in shaping and enriching your time abroad.

DIS offers four housing options: Homestay, Living & Learning Community, Studentboende, and Residential Community. Each are distinctive in their own right, providing students with a variety of opportunities.

Curious to hear students’ reflections on their housing experience in Stockholm? Read what former DIS students have to say, in their own words.


The Homestay experience gives students the opportunity to live in a Swedish household and deeply engage with the local culture and community. Students submit preferences and are matched with Homestay hosts to ensure successful and compatible pairings. Mikayla describes the peaceful morning routine she settled into while living with a Swedish family for a semester.

Mikayla, Spring ’23

“The truth is, I love mornings and I love the routine I’ve begun to build here in Sweden. I feel so grateful to wake up and make my way upstairs, where breakfast prepared by my host mom N is laid out on the table for me. At 7am, the sky is still very dark, and I eat in the candlelight. Sometimes, my other host sister A eats with me, or M, depending on when they need to leave for school.”

Read more about Mikayla’s Homestay experience.

Naia, Fall ’23

“I think it’s safe to say that my decision to live with a host family has shaped my DIS experience—for the better, in my opinion. I’ve gotten to practice my Swedish a lot (trying to cook recipes written in Swedish will do that), but more than that, there’s a feeling of home and familiarity to return to at the end of the day.”

Check out Naia’s blog for more reflections.

Living & Learning Community

The Living and Learning Community option is a housing arrangement catering to those who want to live alongside other DIS students with similar interests. Each LLC has its own theme, and is overseen by a Residential Coordinator who plans weekly activities for the cohort. Allison and Catherine discuss what it’s like to live among peers who enjoy exploring their natural surroundings together.

Allison, Fall ‘22

“I’m so glad to live with the Outdoor LLC because the opportunities they provide for us are so incredible, and the activities are things I would want to do anyway but are now organized for us. It was really nice to be with likeminded people who wanted to grow closer through shared experiences—which we did.”

Head to Allison’s blog to learn more.

Catherine, Spring ‘23

“This Monday, my beloved [Outdoor] LLC folks and I went to participate in a traditional Swedish sauna and polar plunge. We met in Slussen (my personal favorite metro stop!) and we took the bus over to the Nacka Nature Reserve sauna.”

Visit Catherine’s blog to hear her story.


The Studentboende housing accommodates not only DIS students, but also students from the greater Stockholm area and beyond. Co-ed, dorm-style, and residential, they are vibrant hubs for intercultural exchange. Ellie and Taylor offer insights into what it’s like to live in communal atmosphere alongside students from a range of backgrounds and nationalities.

Ellie, Fall ’22

“As someone who tends to be a bit more introverted, this housing option has pushed me to go out of my way to talk to people.”

Travel to Ellie’s blog for more insights.

Taylor, Fall ‘22

“Why did I choose to live in a Studentboende? My primary reason was that I wanted to live with people my own age. I thought that this would make it easier to make friends and hang out with my classmates, and this is definitely the case!”

See Taylor’s blog for more information.

Residential Community

The Residential Community is a living arrangement exclusively for DIS students. Those who select this option are eager to reside with fellow DIS students and contribute to a community of diverse individuals. Grace describes how living in a RC cultivated close friendships among the residents.

Grace, Spring ‘23

”As a result of these spontaneous encounters… a lot of the residents have grown quite close. The common rooms often host group dinners, movie/game nights, and study sessions. But these interactions extend beyond the common rooms as well.”

Take a look at Grace’s blog to hear more about her experience.

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