History, Fashion, and Hygge

Statue in Ørstedsparken

My name is David Younglove and I am a Fine Arts student from CU Denver. I am very much enjoying my time with DIS in Copenhagen this summer! The course I am taking is called “The Meaning of Style” and it addresses topics concerning fashion and how it reflects the culture it comes out of. Gaining this kind of understanding while also being immersed in a different culture has already been an opportunity for a new understanding that is changing how I look at these things, even back home in Denver. 

View from the Round Tower by DIS classrooms

Having fallen in love with Copenhagen on a previous visit, I was very interested in studying here and the courses offered through DIS seemed like an excellent means of doing so. When I was here on my last visit, I was in a constant state of excitement and wonder as I explored streets that blended beautiful old architecture with the very contemporary fashion and culture of the people living there.

Vintage Clothing Store

As I’ve wandered through central Copenhagen over the past week, each corner I turn has revealed something new and exciting. From the cozy coffee shops to the grand scale of the National Art Museum, this city is bewildering and intricate in the best ways possible. One day, my walk home from class diverted into a 4 hour walking tour because I just kept finding cool places to explore!

Inside København’s Domkirke

In the days to come, I am really excited to take my wandering further out into the city to experience places like Nørrebro and the culture there. I also can’t wait to check out the World famous Louisiana Museum, and to have a chance to see the concepts from my class in action as they play out in the streets and stores.
-David Younglove

Sunset from a walk with my housemates

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