Three Ways to Capture Your Time Abroad

Study abroad is truly a once in a lifetime experience! You learn about yourself, meet interesting people, and share new experiences with your peers and faculty.

You are going to want to remember your time abroad. Here’s our advice on how to document your experience:

  1. Keeping a journal or a blog

Studying abroad zooms by as you’re busy with classes and discovering a whole new culture. When you get back to you’re home university you’ll cherish the small moments that captured your experience.

Keeping a journal or blog helps you remember the little things and it also keeps your friends and family up to date on your day to day activities. 

You can even apply to be a Student Blogger with DIS. It’s a great way to develop your career and your portfolio while keeping everyone back home in the loop on your life abroad!

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2. Digital Memories
Everyone loves taking pictures while traveling! When you look back, it’s like a visual diary of your time abroad. The key is being present in the moment while still getting the perfect shots.

If you’re interested in gaining professional experience check out our Student Photographer position in Copenhagen and Stockholm!

3. Film Your Adventures
Video captures the feeling of moment to moment unlike any other medium. Also, it’s such a concrete way to share with your friends and family!

DIS offers Student Videographer positions where you can gain build your portfolio and develop your career.

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Share Your Story in Copenhagen

Share Your Story in Stockholm

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